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5 stars for Star Wars


I’ve learned that this coming May (May the 4th) the entire Star Wars saga will be re-released in theaters!!!! To get prepared for that I wanted to discuss one of my favorite films and in my opinion the best Star Wars film in the saga. May the force be with you!

Dune:Part One


In anticipation of our review of Dune: Part Two next week. I want to bring you back to Dune:Part One.

Godzilla vs. Kong


A NEW Godzilla movie has come out called Godzilla Minus One. In preparation of that review NEXT WEEK…I wanted to look at Godzilla vs. Kong again.

Sing 2 deserves a standing ovation


In honor of the upcoming “Trolls Band Together” release which we will be reviewing soon I wanted to bring you back to a surprising, animated/musical gem from before. If you haven’t watched this movie yet…. WATCH IT and sing your heart out….my dog Arty definitely will!

The Nightmare Before Christmas


As we just looked at Hocus Pocus and its 30th year anniversary we have another 30th year anniversary for a classic film in The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Hocus Pocus


In honor of Hocus Pocus and the 30th year anniversary its back in theaters! Today we look back at this Halloween classic.

The Exorcist: Believer


Another week, another horror film! Back in 2018, David Gordon Green (director) made a new “Halloween” film. It was a direct sequel of the first Halloween and was well-received with both critics and the public. I loved it and couldn’t wait for more. This stemmed two sequels that never lived up to the first entry from Green. We now have a new film that is a sequel to a classic horror film in “The Exorcist.” I should mention that Danny McBride helped write this as he did the Halloween movies. Great actor, usually great writer. That being said the plan is for another trilogy if this one does well. Looking at the box office results as I write this review, I believe there will be a sequel. Is it warranted?

Home Alone


I know you’re expecting to see Avatar: The Way of Water this week. The original Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. The sequel obviously has a lot of hype and expectations. However, if you’ve seen the first film you know its specialty is as a three dimensional film. That being said, I will be in Columbus this weekend for my college graduation! So, I will be finding the biggest and loudest screen to watch it on. So, this week we have our last retro review of the year. In recent weeks we’ve reviewed, Die Hard, Jusrassic World: Dominion (in its rerelease) and A Christmas Story Christmas. In keep with the theme of Christmas films lately we will be looking at another holiday classic. HOME ALONE! The “Home Alone” franchise seemed one sequel with our pint-size hero Kevin (Culkin) and his hijinks when his family keeps forgetting him! Then spinoffs and new renditions with other characters. The first one is a classic. The film was released in 1990 and the premise was a simple one. Kevin McCallister and his family are heading off for a family vacation, but Kevin gets inadvertently left…..How would this film hold up 32 years later?

First Farmer’s Market fares well

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio — The clouds and rain didn’t stop over 500 people from attending Main Street Portsmouth’s first Farmer’s Market this past Saturday.“We had...

CAY memorial fund established

The Scioto Foundation has announced the establishment of the new CAY Memorial Endowment Fund, created to memorialize the 92 board members who founded the...


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