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The Daily Times is one of the leading sources of information for the people who live, and shop, in the Scioto County area established in 1852. We serve the “Ohio River Valley” region of Southeastern Ohio with a circulation of over 3,000 distribution, 130,000 monthly viewership and over 20,000 social media presence.

The Daily Times publishes a complete digital newspaper six days a week, Monday-Saturday; a printed edition, Tuesday-Saturday.

At The Daily Times, we are passionate about providing the very best news, information, content, products, and services to our audience of loyal readers as well as our advertisers. We are the trusted authoritative source of news, information and services in Portsmouth, Ohio. No other resource combines such up-to-the-minute reporting at the community level with such comprehensive coverage of news that is uniquely relevant to our audience.

A sales consultant will work with you to develop a marketing program designed to efficiently deliver your marketing message and achieve your desired results. We are dedicated to servicing our clients’ needs and will work closely with you during every stage of your advertising campaign.

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Print Products

The Daily Times is a community publication reporting on the news that impacts your life and where you raise your families.  The Daily Times also offers specialty publications and ancillary products that meet the needs of communities surrounding Portsmouth.

The Daily Times

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The Digital Marketing world is fast and ever changing.

Whether it is Brand Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, or Post-Purchase…. The Daily Times can help your business in every phase of the customer sales funnel. offers tremendous value to advertisers looking to target consumers, while adding incremental reach to their marketing mix with an online campaign. is a powerful channel advertising platform to communicate with your customers and ensure that your message reaches the right audience every time efficiently and effectively.

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We are a local partner, and we care about your success in our community.

The Daily Times offers:

  • Newspaper website banner ads
  • SMS/MMS Text Messaging
  • Directory Repair and Reputation Management
  • Targeted Display Advertising and Retargeting
  • Google Ads
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Geo-fencing and Addressable Geo-fencing
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  • Over-The-Top/Connected TV Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Video advertising
  • Website development and Landing Page creation.

*We also offer digital advertising outside of our marketing area including nationwide.

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