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This Fall, older adults should protect their health


With cold and flu season upon us, it’s time to protect yourself, not only from those seasonal threats, but also from other health risks.

Low carb zucchini casserole


Who has lots of zucchinis? Here is a wonderful recipe I found for zucchini casserole. I made it and it was delicious. My son loves zucchini casserole and asks me to make it often. With all the zucchinis ripening, everyone is always looking for recipes so here you go.

Ten Favorites


People often ask me what kind of tree to plant, and then I start asking questions. How much space do you have? What’s the purpose of the tree? Why do you want a tree in that spot? What are the growing conditions?

Quick and easy peach cobbler


In the kitchen with Sharon this week I am making fresh peach cobbler with a few ingredients

3 Items that can help you elevate your morning routine


A great morning routine makes getting out of bed more pleasant and sets the tone for a successful, happy day. Whether you are a morning lark or a night owl, check out these items that can help you start your days on the right foot.

Hydrangeas – Choosing the Right One


For a long-lived display of huge showy blooms, few plant families can top the diverse Hydrangea. Every year we see new Hydrangea varieties introduced, making this plant more of a problem-solver and a landscape staple. To choose the right Hydrangea you must first answer two questions: how sunny is my location, and how much room do I have? The answers will lead you to the right Hydrangea family, so then you can choose between the many gorgeous blooms available in that particular family.

Dorito’s chicken casserole


Hello! In the kitchen with Sharon this week is my friend Patricia Nicholes with her Dorito chicken casserole. Patricia says its her husband’s favorite, and I can see why. It looks delicious. I am going to make this.

Boxwood Decline


Boxwood, a popular evergreen shrub we’ve been planting for many years, is suddenly in the crosshairs. This reliable landscape mainstay is under attack from winter burn, a well-known insect, a non-native insect recently found in Ohio for the first time, and now a deadly disease. Pinpointing the culprit can be difficult because the symptoms are so similar.

Tips for parents and kids to stay organized this back-to-school seasonP


The start of a new school year carries with it so much potential, particularly when students — and their parents — stay organized. Amid the back-to-school chaos, use these tips and gear recommendations to help keep everyone on track, whether they are at school, at home or on-the-go:

Shade Trees Pay for Themselves


There’s a reason that old farmhouses are surrounded by mature shade trees. After a day in the fields, farm families could retire to a cool house. In the days before air conditioning, farm wives could work in relative comfort if there were big trees casting a pool of shade on the house and farmyard all summer.


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