Fluor team recognized for EV efforts


PIKETON – Three employees from the Department of Energy (DOE) site in Piketon were recently recognized for their contributions to the Fleet Management program. On March 7, Department of Energy Portsmouth Site Lead Jeremy Davis met with Fleet Managers Christine Gee, Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth; Amanda Mayo, North Wind

Dynamics; and Kevin Casada, Mid-America Conversion Services; to congratulate them for receiving an award from the DOE Secretary of Energy.

This team, along with 80 more Fleet Management Team members from across DOE, worked with federal fleets to order zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in 2023, and install charging ports across the complex.

“As far as the implementation of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations at Portsmouth, we are ahead of the plan,” DOE Portsmouth Site Lead, Jeremy Davis said.

Currently, more than 400 GSA vehicles are in use at the Portsmouth site. FBP has 343, North Wind has 60, and MCS has 25 vehicles in their fleets. Of these, 61 are EVs, 31 are plug-in hybrids, and there are 30 charging stations at PORTS.

“We are very pleased to have had Fleet Managers from our site recognized for their dedication to the environment,” said Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth President and CEO Greg Wilkett. “By adding hybrid and electric vehicles to the fleet, we’re demonstrating our commitment to protect the environment, reduce emissions, and save more of our natural resources.”

The awards ceremony was Feb. 20 to honor recipients with one of DOE’s highest forms of employee recognition for achievements.

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