Commissioners certify land bank submissions


PORTSMOUTH- The Scioto County commissioners at their meeting last week certified a number of properties to be torn down as vacated and blighted.

“There are multiple properties that have been identified, both residential and commercial,” said Commission Chair Bryan Davis.

The Scioto County Land Reutilization Corporation, or land bank, is a government-adjacent agency funded through grants and partnerships to help reduce the number of local blighted structures. Structures must be vacated and declared blights in order to be submitted to the land bank for consideration. They must also be paid up on taxes and have no liens. Land bank projects are undertaken at no cost to the owner and the land bank does not take ownership of the property.

“This is all contingent on grant funding being secured at 100 pecent and also additional funds being received from the City of Portsmouth,” Davis said.

Many properties have been submitted this time around and the resolution, which was passed unanimously, was a certification of those.

“If you have contacted the land bank and you have been put on that list, there are many, many on here and, again, it is all contigent on funding,” Davis said. “We won’t know until everything is submitted and taxes are paid and there are no liens.”

To learn more about the land bank, call (740)355-9435 or email Angie Malone at [email protected].

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