County to hire office manager for EDO


PORTSMOUTH — The Scioto County Economic Development Office will soon be looking for a new office manager.

The Scioto County Commissioners approved this past week a new job description and authorized for the job to be advertised.

The commissioners voted 2-1 in favor of passing the motions.

Commissioners Cathy Coleman and Bryan Davis voted yes, while Commissioner Scottie Powell voted no.

Powell cited the fact he had not seen information about the position before the meeting, and that he hadn’t yet had the opportunity to speak to the Economic Development Director about it.

“I still haven’t heard from the Economic Development Director exactly what this person is going to do,” Powell said. “Having not seen the job description, I can’t take action on it.’

Davis explained the position fills a spot that had been left vacant when the Loss Prevention position was created and filled.

The person who had formerly filled the position was hired as the Loss Prevention coordinator.

“We hired someone and that was a new position,” he said. “The position at Economic Development was an open position that was left when one of the employees decided to leave. This is a replacement, but it is a new job title.”

Powell’s concerns were that such a position would have fewer duties at the same pay as the previous when the county’s economic development is booming with projects.

It also comes from the request the commissioners have made to officeholders to tighten their belts.

“We’re going to go from a project manager pay to an office assistant, same pay, but at the same time we’re asking other officeholders not to backfill” positions, Powell said.

Coleman said the duties have been spread among staff in the commissioners’ office, and are spreading them too thin.

“It is time to fill that position so these girls are not overburdened and can do the job they are supposed to do,” Coleman said.

Coleman added the position would be multi-faceted with the changing face of economic development in Scioto County.

She added that the pay would suit the position.

“As far as the pay is concerned, it’s equal or even probably a more trying position than a project manager,” Coleman said. “We have encouraged all of our departments because of our budget situation to be wary of it and look at their budget carefully before they make decisions for big purchases. But we also have word there may be one or maybe two vacancies in another department. That would create monies to cover this position, but this position doesn’t need to be covered by another position.”

Powell continued to question the job, which was originally on the agenda as an office assistant.

It was agreed during the commissioners meeting on Tuesday that it should rather be listed as office manager.

“We’re creating a new job description, but we’re not creating a new job,” he said. “The pay is the same, the title has changed and there will be more duties than the project manager before.”

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