Local voters say ‘no’ to State Issues 1, 2


PORTSMOUTH— Scioto County voters voted against the two state issues, although the codification of abortion rights in the Ohio Constitution and the legalization of marijuana both passed statewide.

In addition, the city and unincorporated areas of Scioto County voted against energy aggregation. In the county, 6,708 were against the measure while 5,388 voted for electricity aggregation. Gas aggregation was also voted down in the county by a count of 5,564 for the issue and 6,559 against.

In the City of Portsmouth, voters also voted down both energy aggregation issues. On electricity, the voted 1,570 against and 1,463 for while gas was 1,576 against and 1,480 for the measure.

The approval of the electric and gas aggregation was touted by local officials as a way to help residents get a handle on rising energy costs. Local energy aggregation was also voted down in a measure last year.

Of the 17,604 votes cast on Issue 1, the codifying of abortion rights in Ohio until the stage of fetal viability, Scioto County voters were 11,165 votes against and 6,439 for the amendment. Statewide, the measure was approved by voters by 2,186,962 voting yes to 1,675,728 who voted no.

On State Issue 2, the legalization of marijuana for adult use, local voters came down against it 9,190 to 8245. Statewide, however, the measure passed 2,183,734 to 1,649,339.

The Scioto County Career Technical Center levy passed 9,550 to 7,217 and the levy for th3e county tuberculosis clinic also passed 8,689 to 8,427.

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