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PDT Outdoors Contributor
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Dudley Wooten

PDT Outdoors Contributor

Unfortunately, a thank you isn’t that simple for most of us and consequently, doesn’t get done. Some of you who knew me 40 years ago may be skeptical as you read my writing today, but life is about change and hopefully most of us change for the better. Most of us can attribute change to personal experiences or pivotal moments in our lives, but sometimes it just sneaks up on us and we realize it in hindsight. Yes, that’s what they say, “Hindsight is always 20/20.”

As the years have taken me down life’s highway, I haven’t had many speed bumps, detours, or dead ends. Somewhere along the way it dawned on me that as I looked left and right most weren’t as fortunate and brought me to several conclusions. First, if I’m that fortunate, shouldn’t I be thankful? And if I’m that thankful, how do I express it? A lot of us think of many noble deeds that we keep to ourselves and never get done.

Some would say that we should go to church and thank God for his blessings, and that works for many. Some would say that they deserve their good fortune because they’re special. Everyone has to find their own degree of thankfulness and what they’re willing to do about it. I believe it’s all about where, when, and to whom do you apply it.

Thanks are something that has to come from within. If you believe that life owes you good fortune, several bad things happen – you won’t work to achieve it and if you do achieve you won’t appreciate it or be thankful. When you dig down deep inside yourself and search for your most inner thoughts on thankfulness, it will allow “A Simple Thank You” to come easier.

I find that when I contract work I expect to be paid, but “A Simple Thank You” really is rewarding also. A simple thank you from me to them is another way of showing appreciation for opportunity. Without opportunity, there wouldn’t be as much good fortune or thanks, now would there? These are just guidelines for good repeat business also. Both contractor and customer enjoy an environment of mutual happiness and appreciation. It’s like the old song goes, “We belong to a mutual admiration society.”

When I thank them as they pay me, that’s customary, but when they say, “We thank you,” that means they feel they got what they expected and more. That’s rewarding to both of us. Other forms of the simple thank you come on a daily basis. They may occur on a morning visit to the foggy woods or at night just before bed. It’s usually these times that life is slowed down enough to create the time and place for us to count our blessings. Do we ever outgrow our need to be put in “time out”? Maybe life has been so good or so bad that we just really need some self-analysis and time to think about it. Hopefully when these magic moments occur, we can motivate ourselves to follow Yogi Berra’s advice, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Isn’t this pivotal moment what determines our fortune in life? It’s all about choices. Yes, Yogi leaves us somewhat confused as to which fork to take, but he will make a choice and he will make the most of it. Don’t you think most of us are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be? If we can always try to find the humor, or the positive side of life’s cards that we’re dealt, we will know how to play the hand, stay in the game longer, and walk away a winner. I know that for me, motivation to find the positive element creates thankfulness within, and doesn’t allow me to dwell on the negative or depression.

Don’t you really believe that a simple thank you works both ways? When you receive thanks, it’s rewarding, but when you give thanks it’s also rewarding. It gives you a good feeling about yourself because it came from within and it allowed you to not only express yourself, but spread glad tidings. It made someone else feel good too.

In society, civilization, and church, we create laws and rules that really are what’s good for the multitudes and their interactions. I really believe that you could throw a lot of that away if everyone expressed heartfelt thank you more often. This would bring about peace in mankind and peace within.

To my readers and to the Portsmouth Daily Times I’m just sayin’ – Thank You.

Dudley Wooten can be reached at 740-820-8210 or by visiting wootenlandscaping.com.

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