DOE, FBP employees receive Secretary of Energy Achievement Awards


PIKETON–Three employees of the Portsmouth site have earned awards for outstanding teamwork, collaboration, and significant contributions to enhance public engagement and outreach with international stakeholders. On May 2, Jeff Avery and Joel Bradburne, of the Department of Energy Environmental Management office, presented the Secretary of Rergy Achievement Awards to DOE DUF6 Program Manager Zak Lafontaine, Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth President and CEO Greg Wilkett, and FBP Communications Director Shawn Jordan.

Lafontaine, Wilkett, and Jordan were recognized for hosting the Nuclear Energy Agency’s (NEA) Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) Workshop and Plenary Meeting last October. This was the first time the NEA FSC workshop was held in the United States since the forum was established in 2000. The NEA’s Radioactive Waste Management Committee is a platform for understanding stakeholder dialogue and discussing radioactive waste management solutions.

Their efforts enabled scientists, engineers, and technical and communications professionals from around the world to share information and explore lessons learned, and best practices focused on relationships with communities that host nuclear facilities or sites where such facilities have been remediated.

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