Johnson supports resolutions to improve quality of care for veterans


State Sen. Terry Johnson, R-McDermott, heard impassioned testimony on two critical resolutions for our nation’s veterans before the Ohio Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee. Senate Concurrent Resolution 8 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 9 each received a second hearing where proponents were given the opportunity to speak on the legislation.

S.C.R. 8, if passed, urges the federal government to reduce processing times for veteran disability claims. Similarly, S.C.R. 9 would urge Congress to support military and veteran mental health treatment.

Many veterans currently face severe backlogs for disability claims through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The average claim is processed in 149 days. Our former service members are also in need of mental health assistance. The veteran suicide rate is growing and is currently at its highest since 1938.

“These are the issues which matter most to our nation’s veterans,” said Johnson. “Many of our country’s heroes have gone beyond the call of duty, giving more than what is ever expected from them. For those who do return home, that path is hardly ever easy. It’s time the federal government honors the promises made to these individuals and their families.”

Many from Ohio’s veteran community were in attendance and gave gripping and emotional testimony. Common ground was struck between the proponents and committee members, sharing similar concerns and critiques of the quality of care afforded to veterans.

During committee, Senator Johnson also took time to address other key issues which face the State of Ohio. This included the security of the electrical grid and the need for hardening to protect against attack or disaster, food security and the well-being of the agricultural industry, as well as analyzing the Covid-19 pandemic response to prevent mishandling if such a crisis ever happens again.

Johnson explained, “I want to expand the public safety purview of this committee, to be a venue for investigation and discussion into this crucial subject matter. My intent is to produce a report on our findings.”

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