Council to meet Monday to consider application for pedestrian project funding


PORTSMOUTH- Portsmouth City Council will meet Monday to consider approval of legislation that would allow the city do apply to the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Systemic Safety program. The goal is to make pedestrian improvements along 17th Street from Grandview Avenue to Mabert Road.

According to the request from City Engineer Nathan Prosch, the city is requesting $650,000 for the completion of the projects. The projects were part of the suggestions made in a safety study completed in 2021. If approved, the amount requested will fund 90 percent of eligible phases of the project.

In addition, Code Enforcement is asking City Council to pass an amendment allowing enforcement during alley clean-ups. According to the communication to council from city Manager Sam Sutherland: “The hope is this change will cause people to be more aware of what they are placing by their garages.”

The legislation would allow for the billing of cleanups and assessments to property taxes, much like the current procedure for grass violations.

Sutherland is also asking City Council to pass legislation allowing him to request a review from the Supreme Court of Ohio two municipal courts. “City Council has discussed this numerous times and in order to move forward the legislation is necessary,” writes Sutherland.

Council will also look fence ordinance, amend certain ordinances in accordance with recently revised state laws, and hear reports from department heads.

City Council meets at 6 p.m., Monday, Feb. 12, at the Portsmouth Municipal Building, 728 Second St., Portsmouth.

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