Scioto Sheriff Crime Blotter


PROWLER: Report of a prowler on Hinkley Hollow Road attempting to steal lawnmower; 5:18 a.m., May 2.

BURGLARY: Home ransacked on Lick Run Lyra Road; 5:38 a.m., May 2.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: Strange vehicle stuck in driveway; Schwamberger Road; 6:56 a.m., May 2.

THEFT: Items stolen from barn; Diehlman Road; 8:05 a.m., May 2.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: White utility vehicle parked across road, person staring at home; person was gas line worker who arrived early to work; Chester Street, 8:28 a.m., May 2.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: Vehicle on caller’s property; Hinkley Hollow Road; 9:12 a.m., May 2.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: Vehicle on caller’s property; Nauvoo Pond Creek Road; 10:38 a.m., May 2.

ROAD BLOCKED: Tree blocking road; Millers Run-Fallen Timber; 10:41 a.m., May 2.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: Two individuals passed out in vehicle parked in a field; Oakwood Avenue; 12:09 p.m., May 2.

DOMESTIC COMPLAINT: Man and woman fighting in area of Northwest Elementary School; 1:59 p.m., May 2.

THREATS/HARASSMENT: Neighbor threatening woman when she goes outside; U.S. 52; 5:21 p.m., May 2.

THEFT OF FUNDS: Theft of funds from debit card by someone in New York; Arion Road; 7:44 p.m., May 2.

NEIGHBOR COMPLAINT: Caller states neighbor’s dog barks constantly. Neighbor took dog into the house; Sheridan Street; 9:49 p.m., May 1

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Small dog walking on highway near U.S. 23 rest area; 8:45 p.m., May 1.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Caller says aggressive dog wandering neighborhood; Arizona Avenue; 6:07 p.m., May 1.

THEFT: Caller says male in orange hoodie stole items from Family Dollar; Ohio 104; 2:42 p.m., May 1.

COMPLAINT: Caller says neighbor’s dogs killed her goats; Jean Dale Road; 10:21 a.m., May 1.

COMPLAINT: Caller says something “smells dead” in area of Ainsley Avenue, deputy found nothing; 5:35 a.m., May 1.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: Female appears to be standing in road; Blue County Road; 8:03 p.m., April 30.

ASSAULT: Caller claims he was assaulted at a pool hall on U.S. 104; 7:10 p.m., April 30.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Caller claims aggressive dog is running loose and chasing people at Senior Village Apartments; Ohio River Road; 2:19 a.m., April 30.

ASSAULT: Caller claims a woman assaulted a manager at a business on Ohio River Road, woman has been banned from the store; 11:07 a.m., April 30.

STOLEN VEHICLE: Caller reports her car was stolen overnight; U.S. 52; 8:38 a.m., April 30.

FIRE: Garage and house fire; Ohio 140; 2:32 a.m., April 30.

THEFT: Caller reports someone took money off her check card; Gallia Pike; 9:56 p.m., April 30.

SEX OFFENSE: Caller stated she had been a victim of rape; Downtown Hayport Road; 2:45 p.m., April 29.

DOMESTIC COMPLAINT: Back Road; 11: 52 p.m., April 30.

VANDALISM: Senior prank caught in the act by janitorial staff; no monetary damage; glitter and confetti in hallways, chairs in bathrooms, some doors zip-tied, large sign put over door; 11:27 p.m., April 30.

ROAD BLOCKED: Cows in road due to broken fence; Gallia Pike; 10:25 p.m.; April 30.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: Ohio River Road; 11:56 a.m., April 30.

VANDALISM: Vernon Township Park vandalized; 10:28 a.m., April 30.

DOA: Don Wolfe Funeral Home called; Gephardt Road; 8:48 a.m., April 30.

DOMESTIC COMPLAINT: Sixteenth Street; 5:55 a.m., April 30.

THREATS/HARASSMENT: Andrea Drive; 2:43 a.m., April 30.

JUVENILE COMPLAINT: Juvenile in vehicle doing donuts in the parking lot of Minford High School; 12:36 a.m., April 30.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Neighbor’s unleashed dog attacked caller’s dog; Dennison Road; 8:48 p.m., April 29.

DROWNING: U.S. 52; Male went over embankment on a tractor; coroner transported to Montgomery County; 7:34 p.m., April 29.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Neighbor’s unleashed dog is trying to attack caller’s dog; High Street; 6:34 p.m., April 29.

VANDALISM: Caller states someone threw something through his front door, breaking it; Bethany Street; 7:05 a.m., April 29.

DOMESTIC COMPLAINT: Caller states neighbors yelling at each other, male leaves for the night; Noel Lane; 2:43 a.m., April 29.

STOLEN VEHICLE: Report of stolen vehicle; Green Street; 11:01 p.m., April 28.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: Report of people in black knocking on doors; Boren Blvd.; 10:34 p.m., April 28.

MOTORCYCLE/ATV COMPLAINT: Report of people on ATV’s going up and down road disturbing residents; Edmond Drive; 10:33 p.m., April 28.

TEXTING WHILE DRIVING: Warning given; Gallia Pike; 2:32 p.m., April 28.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Dog without proper shelter; Calvert’s Lane; 2:16 p.m., April 28.

COUNTERFEIT MONEY: Counterfeit money reported found in a safe; Ohio 140; 11:03 a.m., April 28.

COMPLAINT: Caller has protection order on a Florida resident, who then went on social media and posted caller’s personal information; Back Street; 9:34 a.m., April 28.

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