SSU marketing degree takes alumnus around the world


PORTSMOUTH- Graduating with a degree in Marketing from Shawnee State University, alumnus Jacob Gill has always jumped at the opportunity to explore what the world has to offer. After graduating in 2022, he found himself wanting to use his knowledge and apply it to an entirely new experience. With a desire to travel the world, Gill accepted a position as a Content Manager for Carnival Cruise Line.

“I wanted to do something that I hadn’t really done before, and I have always wanted to work on a cruise ship,” he said. “I was super excited because I would get paid to travel the world and do what I love.”

As the Content Manager, Gill oversees the compliance of all cruise department’s branding projects as well as the commerce plan for printed and digital signage for events on board. Helping to plan and manage different programs for guests, he also maintains the movie and sports licensing for programs on the ship and keeps all informational flyers up to date.

“What I love about Marketing is that it’s always changing,” he said. “Every year can be different based off the trends in society and that is something that keeps me motivated as I get to continue learning. Nothing is ever the same year after year.”

Only a year out of college, working for a company like Carnival Cruise Line has provided Gill with a thorough amount of experience and memories. On his career path he has been able to travel to places such as Norway, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Mexico, and Honduras, all while working a job he enjoys.

“One piece of advice for someone wanting to pursue a career like mine is to have confidence in yourself,” he said. “Never be afraid to go for one of your dream jobs. I personally thought I was not going to get this job when I applied, but I kept the mindset that the worst they can do is say no. In this case I went for it and ended up getting one of my dream jobs.”

SSU’s Marketing program is designed to teach concepts as well as applied principles, with opportunities to work in professional environments through partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. The program also teaches students professional communications tactics as well as consumer research, and spends substantial time teaching the technology needed to solve specific marketing problems.

After a year on the seas, Gill has accepted his next position as the Entertainment Manager at Great Wolf Lodge in Perryville, Maryland. The resort is the largest lodge built by the company and Gill will be overseeing and managing the entertainment department within the facility.

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