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Ky. legislature turns to committee work on proposed bills


FRANKFORT—Within the hallowed halls of the Kentucky General Assembly, where the whispers of our history blend seamlessly with the dreams of tomorrow, I stand humbled to serve as a guardian of our commonwealth’s future. As we navigate the complex maze of governance, I invite you to join me in a moment of reflection on our collective journey and the path that stretches before us. In the arena of legislative debate, the essence of our collective path forward is continually refined and defined. With the filing deadline for bills behind us, our focus is on these proposed initiatives in committee and the forthcoming examination of the Senate’s changes to the House budget proposal, a required step in steering our fiscal ship toward the shores of prosperity and prudent governance.

Week in Review: Education funding and reform in the Ky. House


Education continues to be a top priority for the General Assembly. In the existing budget we provided a record $4.5 billion in funding for our public education system, and have passed several measures since 2022 to improve the outcomes of Kentucky students. This week, I would like to share with you measures filed, or having already passed the House, this session focused on improving the quality of education for Kentucky’s students.

Are you eligible for the Medicare prescription drug plan discount?


Do you know if you are eligible for the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Discount? There are many individuals in our district who are unaware they are eligible to receive this wonderful assistance. A simple phone call to our Agency can help determine whether you meet theeligibility requirements. The Area Agency on Aging District 7 is able to provide this service through the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act grant from the Ohio Department of Aging. This project provides outreach to and enrollment assistance for individuals who may be eligible for the Low-Income Subsidy (“Extra Help”) and/or Medicare Savings Program.

Check Groundhog Day off the bucket list


PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA— More than 45,000 people welcomed and roared in satisfaction as Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring on Gobbler’s Knob on Friday.

Webb presents legisative update from Frankfort


FRANKFORT—As we find ourselves one-third of the way through the 60-day Regular Session in February, I believe it’s important to provide an update on key legislative developments and share my perspective on a couple of significant bills.

Prepping to see Phil


Update: This morning around 7:30 Phil emerged from his bed and to our surprise didn’t see his shadow. According to this prediction we are in for an early Spring.

Bustling time for Ky. legislature


As we stepped into the fourth week of the 2024 Regular Session in Frankfort, the pace noticeably quickened, reflecting the bustling energy and heightened activity that characterizes this critical phase of our legislative calendar. The corridors of the Capitol were abuzz with stakeholders and advocates, each bringing forward their concerns and hopes for the future of Kentucky. This period has been marked by an intensive schedule of meetings, committee hearings, and floor deliberations, spotlighting the collaborative efforts required to address the myriad issues facing our state.

Strengthen your defense…vaccinate!


The start of a new year usually features talk about resolutions and changes that can be made to support a healthier way of living. One way to strengthen your defense in remaining healthy is staying up-to-date on vaccinations. Vaccines serve as a safe and reliable defense against serious illness, protecting the health of individuals, their loved ones, and others in their community.

Ky. legislators look toward creating budget


FRANKFORT— Despite the snow and inclement weather that led many schools and several businesses in the district to close their doors last week, the Kentucky General Assembly reconvened on Tuesday. We rounded off Week 3 of the 2024 Regular Session, completing a fifth of our 60-day legislative journey. As the temperatures outside turned frigid, Frankfort was heating up with legislative activity. Reignited after a reflective pause for MLK Jr. Day, the legislature now looks to tackle the heart of our agenda, constructing a budget that addresses the pressing needs and aspirations of our people.

Safer Kentucky Act seeks to tackle crime at multiple levels, modernize statutes


Ensuring the people of Kentucky are safe and able to go about their lives without fear of becoming the victims of crime is a fundamental role of government. This week, members of the House filed HB 5, legislation aimed at preventing crime through common sense changes.


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