The Fall Guy does not fall short

In “The Fall Guy,” Ryan Gosling trades his dream house (Barbie) for the sandy shores, embodying the quintessential beach vibe. However, in “The Fall Guy,” his playground is the world of stunts, and he excels in this new gig.

Gosling seamlessly transitions from his Oscar-nominated Ken role to Colt Seavers, an embattled Everyman who endures a 12-story fall, crashes through glass, and executes an epic car jump, among other daring feats in the breezy delight of “Fall Guy.”

Under the direction of David Leitch, a former stunt double for the likes of Brad Pitt, the 1980s Lee Majors TV show undergoes a transformation into an action-comedy homage to the unsung heroes of the stunt world. Gosling and Emily Blunt

sparkle as amiable exes who find themselves reunited under extraordinary circumstances.

“I’m not the hero of this story. I’m just the stunt guy,” muses Colt Seavers (Gosling) in voiceover, introducing us to his world. Widely considered Hollywood’s premier stuntman, Colt’s career hits a snag when a stunt goes horribly wrong, leaving him with a broken back and a fractured love life.

A year later, Colt is down on his luck, parking cars as a valet at a burrito joint when a call from producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham) changes his fortunes. Jody, now a rising director, needs Colt in Sydney for her ambitious sci-fi epic “Metalstorm.” However, upon his arrival, Colt discovers that Jody neither requested nor wants his presence.

Despite the rocky start, Colt’s skills are soon put to the test as he’s tasked with finding Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), an A-list actor who has mysteriously vanished. Alongside his friend and stunt coordinator Dan Tucker (Winston Duke), Colt embarks on a wild adventure that involves going undercover, encountering shady characters, and even teaming up with a French-speaking dog.

As Colt delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Tom’s disappearance, he finds himself entangled in a web of deceit and danger, where nothing is as it seems. With each twist and turn of the plot, Colt must rely on his wit, resourcefulness, and sheer determination to uncover the truth and bring Tom home.

Amidst the heart-pounding action and pulse-pounding excitement, “The Fall Guy” also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the power of redemption. As Colt navigates the treacherous world of Hollywood, he learns valuable lessons about trust, forgiveness, and the true meaning of heroism.

With its exhilarating action sequences, charismatic performances, and witty dialogue, “The Fall Guy” is a rollicking adventure that will keep audiences entertained from start to finish. Gosling’s portrayal of Colt Seavers is a tour de force, showcasing the actor’s versatility and magnetic screen presence.

For fans of the original TV series and newcomers alike, “The Fall Guy” offers a fresh and exciting take on the beloved characters, while paying homage to the spirit of the original. With its blend of humor, heart, and high-octane thrills, this is one action-comedy that delivers on all fronts. GO SEE THIS FILM! 4 ½ stars out of 5

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