South Webster Food Pantry expects to re-open in March


SOUTH WEBSTER- The last few years, the number of area food pantries has dwindled but the need still exists. The 501(c)3 for the South Webster Food Pantry has changed hands rather than leave the area without a food pantry at all.

Volunteer-run, the new South Webster Food Pantry is expected to open in March at 12822 Lick Run Lyra Road under the auspices of a board, including Kelly Myers Deskins and Debbie Fulk.

“I took the responsibility, but then we got a board,” said Deskins during a recent sit-down in the food pantry’s under-renovation future home. “I even learned to do concrete.”

The volunteers are undertaking the renovation and are soliciting monetary and in-kind donations. They would love to have more young people involved to help with the preparation for opening.

“We need to remind kids they can volunteer and use that for college applications,” said Fulk, another food pantry volunteer.

In addition to food donations, the board is asking for monetary donations. However, most of their current funding and food are coming from outside the Scioto County area.

“We have a great need for this area,” Deskins said.

“The need is great, the funding is non-existent,” Fulk said.

Donations have come from such things as Facebook birthday fundraisers and as far away as South Carolina. Closer to home, donations have also come from the Cincinnati area. The South Webster Food Pantry is now associated with the Freestore Food Bank in Cincinnati and receives some food items from them.

The pantry also has a need for signage and would like to eventually have its own garden to be able to offer fresh produce.

“We would love to have a garden adjacent to the food pantry,” Deskins said.

Upon opening, the pantry will first serve those 60 and over who meet income requirements. Those in need of the pantry’s assistance should also have picture ID and a piece of current mail. However, the hope is to be able to eventually serve all demographics.

To donate, contact Debbie Fulk at (740) 285-2078.

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