OPINION: Scioto County Democratic Party adopts resolution in opposition to Issue One


Portsmouth, Ohio — 111 years ago the state of Ohio included citizen initiated constitutional amendments to our State Constitution, ensuring that “we, the people,” can change our state’s fundamental law. We have used it judiciously. The requirements to place an amendment on the ballot have been substantial but not insurmountable. But, Issue One will change that.

“Time and time again, Ohioans have shown that they can be trusted with this direct access to their constitution. Issue One is an attack on our right to self-governance and it must be defeated,” explained Collin Docterman, the Chairman of the Scioto County Democratic Party.

At its regular June 2023 meeting, the Central Committee of the Scioto County Democratic Party unanimously adopted the following resolution regarding Issue One.

RESOLUTION of The Scioto County Democratic Party IN OPPOSITION TO ISSUE ONE

WHEREAS, the Constitution of the State of Ohio has long upheld the fundamental American principles of majority rule and of one person, one vote, and;

WHEREAS, public trust in the political process requires an open, transparent system of voting that insures each Ohioan’s vote is not nullified, and;

WHEREAS, Issue One requires that amendments to the Ohio Constitution receive sixty percent (60%) of the statewide vote before it becomes law, and;

WHEREAS, Issue One effectively nullifies as much as ten percent (10%) of ballots cast by Ohioans even if those votes are in the majority but below sixty percent (60%), and;

WHEREAS, Issue One will enshrine minority rule by allowing the will of one county to block the will of the other counties by requiring all 88 counties to submit 5% of the last gubernatorial turnout, and;

WHEREAS, the Scioto County Democratic Party has always believed in and trusted Ohioans to exercise informed and common-sense judgement in elections, and;

WHEREAS, Democrats believe in majority rule and that fifty percent (50%) plus-one should remain the standard for constitutional amendments in a representative democracy;

WHEREAS, for the good of all Ohioans and the integrity of its electoral system Issue One must be defeated, be it so.

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