Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1


We do have another sequel this week. However, don’t be disheartened. The Mission: Impossible franchise is and may be one of the only franchises that gets consistently better with each sequel (mostly) the stunts are absolutely amazing to see on the big screen. Tom Cruise may be one of the last great “movie stars” that man knows how to wow audiences. Spoiler alert for this film, I sat with my hands on my head for the majority of it. I was shocked, tense, I said “Go, Go, Go.” To myself out loud and in my head throughout the whole movie. Let’s get into a little bit of the background before I get too excited.

This film series actually started as a television series in 1966. In this series there was a man named Jim Phelps who was the leader of IMF (Impossible Mission Force) and I remember in 19996 when the first film came out. There was a Jim Phelps character played by Jon Voight. Because there was a young hotshot named Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise. He eventually takes over the role of leader. I hope that isn’t too much of a spoiler. The film did come out in 1996…Regardless, as I mentioned earlier, the films get better and better with each entry. The stunts get more death defying, the dialogue is full of wit, humor, and heart. The tension will cause anyone (me) to be nervous the whole time! If you’re a fan of spy films, action films, Tom Cruise, or exciting car chases. Go see this movie. You can stop reading and come back later. The film is really really good. The last thing to note is this is the 7th movie in this franchise. It helps to have seen the others or at least start at number 3. However, you can go in and it will be your first one. The script catches you up quickly and this is its own adventure. It will just make you want to go back and watch the others. Be warned.

Onto the film.

We open on a submarine, and learn rather quickly that the real enemy in this film is A.I. Imagine your gps drives you into traffic, or your camera shows you things that aren’t there. Everything is going haywire, and it does so especially with this sub. I am not entirely sure, but I believe the “brain” of the computer

system called “The Entity” is on this sub? I’ll need to rewatch to make sure, but there is half of a key on one of the crew members. This is the McGuffin of this movie. We cut to above water and Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is tasked with finding his former “will they/won’t they” love interest/ally Isla Faust (Ferguson) who is GREAT in these films. She’s been around for the last few. It’s one character in my opinion that can lead this team, and run the show aside from Ethan (Cruise)

We get our other favorites, Benji (played by the great Simon Pegg) and Luther (played by Ving Rhames since the FIRST FILM) I could go on and on about this cast, but it is what franchise where each member compliments each other.

I don’t want to give too much more of this plot. Essentially TWO parts of the key I mentioned are needed to attempt to shut this crazy rogue system down. The chase is on. The new cast members also are a welcome addition. I really enjoyed Hayley Atwell as Grace. She was fun and made me remember how much I liked her in the Marvel films. Also we have Pom Klementieff as Paris. A violent assassin. She didn’t have many lines but the scenes she was in were powerful.

And of course, the stunts, the action scenes, that chase scenes. WOW. I will leave that to you all to watch but you will not be disappointed.

I do have one minor gripe and the reason this isn’t 5 stars for me. I though our villain Gaberial played by Esai Morales was average. We are supposed to feel like he is the new “big bad” and I understand he is working with the A.I. but I wasn’t impressed. I also realize this is PART 1 of this film, so there are some loose ends and now we must wait ONE YEAR for the answers. Still makes for a fun, and exciting summer movie. This is one of the best franchisees still running just as Tom Cruise runs in every single movie, he’s in! 4 ½ stars out of 5.

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