Miss West hoping to make impact


WEST PORTSMOUTH- Miss West Kara Carter held her community service event on Monday, May 22, to involve her community in her platform. Her platform is titled “Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders: Making the I.M.P.A.C.T.” The acronym I.M.P.A.C.T. stands for “Intentional, Motivating, Practical, Academic, Collaborative, and Tutoring,” and with those six key terms, she plans to accomplish three goals. Her first goal is to “tutor our kids to not only show the importance of foundational skills, but also to close the gap that COVID-19 created,” Carter said in a Facebook post. Next, Carter wants to teach students how to cope with the emotions that school creates. Finally, Carter plans to “mentor young learners so they can become successful leaders.”

To act on those goals, Carter created a community event completely centered around young students and their growth as students. For each letter in her I.M.P.A.C.T. acronym, she had a station to go along with the meaning behind the letters. The letter “I” was a face painting station that showed we must have intention in anything we do. The letter “M” was a ring toss game to create competition and motivation with an incentive. “P” was a game of telephone to show that in everyday life, words can become rumors and become hurtful. Letter “A” was a trivia game with candy prizes. The Letter “C” was a collaborative center with Miss West Kara Carter where children were able to make their own pencil fidget with pipe cleaners and beads. For the last letter of the acronym “T,” children got to listen to a storybook reading about leadership and got to take home a book of their own choosing. After each child completed all the different activity stations, they got to pick out a fidget toy to take home.

Before the children made their way around the stations, they got to listen to four different speakers. The first was a speaker from Portsmouth West School District to discuss programs the school provides to help with growth through learning. The next speaker was from the Portsmouth Public Library to discuss the summer reading program they offer and all the cool prizes that can be won. Lola Carter spoke about her experiences with learning through the COVID-19 pandemic and through her third-grade year. To finish up the speakers, Miss West spoke about her personal story of learning and her motivation behind this platform.

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