South Webster Graduation to be held May 21


The 111th Annual Commencement at South Webster High School will take place Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 2:00 p.m., in the high school gymnasium. Pending completion of all local and state requirements the following seniors are candidates for graduation:

Natalie Jean Adkins, Brayden Joseph Aldridge, Cynthia Nicole Allen, *+^Joanna Nicole Angus, Autumn Mae Armstrong, Xavier Ayers, Alison Bailey, Jacob Barney, Christopher Connor Bender, Amy Renee Blizzard, Nicholas Kyle Boggs, *^Riley Norman Burnett, Wesley Cogar, William E. Collins, Abbigail Paige Crall, Madison Davis, Savannah “Orion” Davis, ^Jonathan Daniel Dean, Olivia Jo Bennington Deems, Morgan Nicole Dyer, Atina F.G.P. Garrett-Earl, +^Emily Jane Blanche Graff, Robert Heater, Brant Horner, Rylee Leslie Craig Houston, Kaylee Breanne Johnston, *^Ciara Isabella Jones, Kaitlyn M. Kessinger, Jaren M. Lower, Aidan E. Martin, +^Lauren Nicole Martin, Robert Wayne Martin, Dakota R. McClintic, Makail Denise Mears, *+^Kennedy R. G. Murphy, Gabriel Joseph Zane Newcombe, Paul Parsons, Hannah Partin, Jayce B. Rafferty, Aaron Rawlins, *+^Zander Rawlins, *+^Riley Raynard, Macie Rhoads, Weston Richmond, Virgil Rollins, *+^Gabe Roof, Isaiah Ruth, Brooklyn Dawn Selvage, Haleigh Sharp, Malia Skeen, Audrey Elizabeth Jo Skiver, Cody T. Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Kyle Smith, Aidan Gunner Snyder, Peyton Daniele Stamper, Hailey L. Steele, Dustin Kaleb Stone, Hunter J. Swords, Jason Andrew Willis, *^Chloe Suzanne Wright, Josiah Leo Wright, *^Kerith Randi Wright, Payne Matthew Zempter

Symbols Denotes the following:

*National Honor Society

^Graduating with Honors

+Member of the National English Honors Society

This year South Webster will recognize five class Valedictorians, all of whom will be graduating with a perfect 4.00 grade point average. They are: Joanna Angus, daughter of William and Rebecca Angus. Joanna will be attending Cedarville University pursuing a degree in Music Education. Kennedy Murphy, daughter of Kyle Murphy and Jennifer Murphy and Brian Rawlins. Kennedy will be attending Ohio State University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences. Zander Rawlins, son of Jeremy and Mary Rawlins. Zander will be attending Morehead State University pursuing a degree in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering. Riley Raynard, daughter of Matt and Tammi Raynard will be attending The University of Cincinnati, seeking a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Gabe Roof, son of Garland and Lisa Roof, will be attending Morehead State University and majoring in Bio-medical Sciences, pre-optometry.

This year’s Salutatorian is Chloe Wright. Chloe is the daughter of Randy and Cathy Wright and will be graduating with a 3.906 grade point average. Chloe will be attending Shawnee State University pursuing a degree in Biology.

A Receiving line for graduates of 2023 will be formed upon conclusion of the ceremony.

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