Greenup Dam park closer to opening


WHEELERSBURG- The unnamed Greenup Dam park will soon officially open after a few final tasks are completed.

“We’re pretty close,” said Scioto County Commissioner Scottie Powell. “I was down there last Thursday. There was one piece that needed swapped out so they could finalize concreting.”

The playground’s rubberized flooring is yet to be installed due to weather-related issues at the park.

“The playground equipment is so bright and cheerful,” said Commissioner Cathy Coleman.

Coleman and Powell both credited park manager Brian Howard with going the extra mile with staff to make the park extra special.

“I want to give a thank-you to Brian Howard and the park crew,” Coleman said. “Every one of those picnic tables is brand new.”

The Commissioners are in the process of deciding how the park, still as yet unnamed, will be titled. Powell said opening it to an online poll makes him remember the Boaty McBoatface naming debacle from a few years ago. Online polling to name a British research vessel turned into an internet joke. Authorities intervened and the Boaty McBoatface is the name of a submersible on the polar exploration ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Online polling likely won’t be the way a name is chosen for the newly renovated Greenup Dam park, but residents are welcome to send suggestions to the Commissioners’ office or Facebook page.

“We are kicking around different ideas,” Powell said. “If there’s any suggestions out there that you want to call in or write in, just let us know.”

An opening ceremony is being planned for when the park is completed. Right now, that depends on mother nature and how dry the ground is for the final steps of pouring concrete and the rubber flooring for the playground structure.

“It’s going to be dependent on when that ground gets poured and set,” Powell said.

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