SSU’s Dr. Cassidy starts podcast focused on True Crime topics


SSU’s Dr. Cassidy starts Education podcast focused on True Crime topics

Dr. Kimberly Cassidy of Shawnee State University’s School of Education recently started a podcast, “Composition of a Killer” that explores experiences that may contribute to criminal behavior. In her episodes, Dr. Cassidy explores the correlation between serial killers and their life-altering childhood experiences, while also relating it to education studies.

A true crime enthusiast, Dr. Cassidy is interested in learning about traumatic experiences that occurred in the early years of a serial killer’s life. Investing her interest and applying it to her background in early childhood education, Dr. Cassidy believes there is a parallel between the two.

“As an early childhood development educator, it’s important for us to recognize markers in children that may indicate traumatic experiences in their lives” Dr. Cassidy states. “Some people with these traumatic experiences are able to function in society with relatively little impact, and that may be because they have had significant support during those early years.”

The topic of early childhood development and the trauma that can surround it, is somewhat an abstract idea for education students. Within her class, Dr. Cassidy focuses on what markers and triggers educators can look for in children’s development to determine when they need intervention.

“This teaching strategy is all about using a cultural phenomenon to relate brain development and traumatic experiences in a way that is interesting and meaningful to our students,” she said, noting she’d like to incorporate the concept more into a class where the students can utilize case studies to analyze experiences.

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