Splash Pad opening delayed to May 8


WEST PORTSMOUTH- The Doug Coleman Memorial Splash Pad will open again for the season on May 8.

The opening has been delayed due to weather, but the West Portsmouth family fun staple will be back up and running well before southern Ohio’s summer heat has a chance to settle in.

Scioto County Commissioner Scottie Powell said the splash pad will also benefit from a grant-funded lighting project the county is implementing at Earl Thomas Conley Riverside Park.

Currently, commissioners are working out what that means for park usage by the community. More lighting could mean extended hours or even more shelter house rental opportunities.

But it means county residents will be able to “extend the use of the park through adding lights and making it more welcoming and providing more access,” Powell said.

The lighting project will also impact the various recreation opportunities at the park, including the sports courts and playground.

“I think having a night party at the splash pad would be fantastic once the lights are done,” Powell said.

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