Shawnee State University to host Celebration of Scholarship Apr. 3-7


PORTSMOUTH- Shawnee State University’s annual Celebration of Scholarship conference will be held on campus the week of Apr. 3. The academic conference features students in baccalaureate and graduate programs across SSU’s campus delivering presentations that share their research in the field, creative work in the visual and performing arts, community service, and study abroad.

This year’s schedule includes online recordings of student presentations available to watch on the SSU Digital Commons online collection. In-person presentations include those students presenting poster displays in the Morris University Center and those students nominated to present in the Excellence in Humanities and Trustees’ Award sessions. The week will wrap up with an on-campus picnic for students, faculty, and staff in the Morris University Center.

Celebration of Scholarship will also welcome two keynote speakers throughout the week.

Presenting on Thursday, Apr. 6, Amy Pawlowski, Executive Director of OhioLINK, will share her presentation “The Power of Collaboration”. Pawlowski witnesses the power of collaboration every day in her work. Academic libraries across Ohio have been collaborating efficiently for over 30 years to make a vast collection of shared resources available to all academic libraries across the state at a fraction of the cost. OhioLINK consortium’s 89 member institutions and more than 500 librarians who work with OhioLINK each year, can offer print and digital resources that rival top research universities. In her presentation, Pawlowski will talk about the power of collaboration in this field and will outline key attributes of great collaboration. “The Power of Collaboration” will be held in the Flohr Lecture Hall of the Clark Memorial Library starting at 6 p.m.

On Friday, Apr. 7, Dr. Thomas Bunting, Associate Professor of Political Science at SSU, will present “Democracy at the Ballpark”. Baseball is often hailed as especially democratic and American, and yet political scientists have not examined how America’s pastime interacts with American politics. This presentation seeks to examine this relationship, looking at the question primarily from the lens of spectatorship. Dr. Bunting will consider the politics that emerge in the sport around community, equality, virtue, and technology. He will show how spectatorship of sport can empower people to interact with a form of everyday politics that is not as grand as a heroic vision of politics, but these everyday politics are more constant and accessible. “Democracy at the Ballpark” will be held in the Flohr Lecture Hall of the Clark Memorial Library starting at 11 a.m.

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