Local karate instructor win 3 world titles


Cooper’s Karate Club located in Portsmouth, Ohio is a self-defense and skill building center, which is both adult and kid friendly. Owner Bobby Cooper has been teaching his students self-discipline and determination for many years, but Cooper also tries to be an example for those who attend his gym

Cooper has continued to master the many forms of karate and competes both nationally and internationally so that he could go head-to-head with some of the best. He is a 5th degree black belt and has been practicing for over 4 decades.

This fall Cooper competed in London, England at the Moo Sool Do World Championship where he earned 3 world titles in the senior division. 2 of them were in Kata and 1 in fighting. He fought against other black belts from Romania, India, and England to name a few.

“There was fighters from all these countries, I can’t remember them all right now, but it was awesome that I got the opportunity to go and do this. The fact that I won three titles just made it even better,” Cooper said.

He also talked about why he continues to push himself, and Cooper says it is because Karate has benefited his life in many ways since he was a child. “Karate has always been my main weapon; it keeps me sharp, in shape, and so much more.”

Even though he is back home and instructing again, Cooper says he has no interest in slowing down just yet, “You know, I still feel young when I do it and I still just really enjoy competing.”

For anyone who may be interested or has a loved one who would want to take karate lessons, there are openings and anyone age 5 and up can participate, “Karate has been it for me since age 10, it gives you confidence and much more.” Said Cooper.

Cooper’s karate Club is located at 618 3rd St. Suite C Portsmouth, Ohio

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