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It is not unusual to have your child begging for a candy bar or a cookie while you take them shopping. But when was the last time your child asked for a banana or an apple while you took him or her shopping? Maybe never. But the Portsmouth Kroger Store wants that to become a reality, so they’ve put baskets of fresh fruit on display in the produce department and kids can pick up a piece of fruit free and enjoy it as you shop.

Over where the grapes and berries are on display there are three baskets. The top basket features a citrus – orange type product; the middle basket is filled with bananas and the bottom basket is filled with juicy red apples, and they’re free

“We have the baskets over in the produce department,” Katie Frantz who is over the perishable products in the store said. “We usually keep some kind of citrus – some Cuties, some Clementines – bananas and some kind of apples. We have that basket in our produce department every day. So when you come in and shop with your kids they can have a fresh piece of fruit while you shop. We have it up every day. We refill it every day.”

Children’s growing bodies require good nutrition, and fruits and vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds. Citrus fruits and strawberries are rich in immune system-boosting vitamin C, carrots are loaded with eye-healthy vitamin A and spinach is a good source of iron, a mineral that helps prevent anemia. According to, apples contain 16 different polyphenols, which are antioxidants with health-promoting properties. Eating fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors will provide a wide range of nutrients that help keep kids healthy.

“We’re really striving to make sure there is fresh fruit for your kids, so they get something healthy,” Frantz said.

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Baskets of fresh fruit await children when families shop the Portsmouth Kroger Store. of fresh fruit await children when families shop the Portsmouth Kroger Store.

By Frank Lewis

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