World Day of Prayer 2016


Women, men and children in more than 170 countries and regions will celebrate World Day of Prayer, Friday.

This year, the women of the WDP Committee of Cuba will call them into worship considering the words “Receive children, receive me.” With those words as backdrop, the women of WDP are invited to learn about Cuba’s history and rich cultural diversity.

According to a news release from from the WDP Committee, the women of Cuba will share their stories of tradition, intergenerational wisdom and experiences of God’s profound love and acceptance. Through the worship service, their plan is to learn of Jesus’ profound teaching of acceptance as he states, “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs” (Mk. 10:14–15). The release says as they listen to the women of Cuba throughout the worship service, they are to be invited to wholly receive others, as Jesus calls them, into the kingdom of God.

The location is Cornerstone United Methodist Church at Gallia and Offnere Streets and the women of Cornerstone have issued an invitation to the public to attend the program which is written by the women of Cuba.

Portia Williams will be giving her presentation of Harriet Tubman, who was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian during the American Civil War and a Union spy. She was a famous “conductor” on the Underground Railroad.

“Since about the age of eight, I have been inspired by the life of Harriet Tubman. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, my mother would teach us about the contributions of African American men and women in history, and take us to numerous presentations, films, etc., and Tubman just stood out to me,” Williams said. “Perhaps it was her strong, bold nature, and selflessness of going back to help others obtain freedom from slavery as she did which made her life so compelling to me.”

Williams said the Tubman story has a profound purpose in her life.

“It is my sincere hope that those who experience my brief expression of Tubman’s life will be able to envision, if not only for a moment, the arduous task she had of leading people from slavery to freedom. For it required faith, and tenacity given by God to accomplish what Tubman did,” she said. “As an African American woman Tubman inspires me to keep the faith, to continue to press on despite challenges that present themselves along life’s journey, and that God will empower me to accomplish his plan and purpose for my life as he did for her.”

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year on the first Friday in March. World Day of Prayer was founded on the idea that prayer and action are inseparable in the service of God’s realm. Services begin at sunrise in the Pacific and follow the sun across the globe on the day of celebration. Each year a different country’s committee serves as writers of the World Day of Prayer worship service.

For more information regarding the World Day of Prayer USA, visit: www.wdp-­‐, or:

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Portia Williams will do a Harriet Tubman presentation on Friday, March 5, at 1 p.m. at Cornerstone UMC for the Church Women United ‘World Day of Prayer’ program. Williams will do a Harriet Tubman presentation on Friday, March 5, at 1 p.m. at Cornerstone UMC for the Church Women United ‘World Day of Prayer’ program.
Harriet Tubman presentation on March 4

By Frank Lewis

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