Suber hopes for ‘star power’ in DWOS competition


Although she will be competing in Dancing With Our Stars competition, Dr. Jessica Suber is clear about one thing: She is not a professional dancer.

“Typically, I dance like Elaine off of Seinfeld so I don’t know why they picked me,” Dr. Suber joked.

Of course, as a “star” in the competition, Dr. Suber isn’t expected to be a professional. However, it turns out her “pro” partner, Jared Jenkins, isn’t one either.

“When I first met him, he thought he was the star and I was the pro,” Dr. Suber explained. “I said, ‘I thought I was the star and you were the pro!’ So then we kind of joked about that and we decided we don’t need a pro. What we lack in experience, we’ll make up for with ‘star power.’”

This isn’t the first time the SOMC plastic and reconstructive surgeon will step outside of her comfort zone to support a good cause. In October, she participated in SOMC’s Paint It Pink Celebrity Softball game. As a softball player, she proved to be a quick study in what turned out to be a great experience. She expects similar results from Dancing With Our Stars.

“I’m excited to be a part of this. I was very impressed by all the money they made last year and how many lives they were able to touch,” Dr. Suber said. “I’m looking forward to doing my part to raise money for the cause this year.”

The actual competition will take place in March, but Dr. Suber’s supporters can begin voting for her now. Since the event is a fundraiser, the public “votes” through donations. Every dollar given in Dr. Suber’s name will count as one vote for her to win the competition.

To support Dr. Suber, follow this link and click “Donate.”

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