‘Beyond These Walls’ to air WOSU-TV

“Beyond These Walls: Building Community Through Public Art,” will air on WOSU-TV (PBS Station in Columbus) Friday, Jan. 8, at 10 p.m.

Beyond These Walls: Building Community Through Public Art is produced by Dr. John Lorentz, and son, Nathan Lorentz.

John Lorentz said interest in the film is ongoing, and will run for the fourth time this year on WOSU.

“It has been a very rewarding experience for both my son Nathan and I,” Lorentz said. “The film continues to be of interest, and this actually the fourth time this year that WOSU is showing it.

The title of the film is essence a self-fulfilling prophecy, as interest in the film has transcended the local area.

“The documentary has also captured the attention of six communities around the nation, and the community of Mansfield, Ohio, thought there was a lesson to be learned here for their community, and put on a program on October 3rd,” he said. “We ended up pulling people together from the arts community, and community development, and economic development, and made arrangements to invite Nathan and myself to come to Mansfield and have a public showing in their performing arts center, and that was on Saturday, October 3rd.”

He said the showing in Mansfield was successful, garnering an incredible amount of support.

“Not only did we have a good crowd, but we had a panel discussion afterwards, and was a very lively discussion that took place, and the common theme that emerged were thoughts about contributing to the advancement of the city in some way,” he said. “They were working in isolation and were not communicating with one another, but sort of opened a dialogue, and have heard from several sources since then that one project has come about, and one is in the works that we know of as a result of some channels of communication that were opened from that night.”

He said all communities search for ways to reinvent themselves.

“We have struck a universal chord with the film, because every community in one way or another is trying to reinvent itself, and with Portsmouth it is happening essentially through the flood wall murals,” he said. “This is really what the film is all about, it is about the subtitle, ‘Building the Community Through Public Art. It has a tremendous impact upon the community, and is so much more than pretty pictures painted upon a wall. It takes on another meaning.”

The two men are also the producers of the film, “River Voices,” which tells the story of the 1937 floods in Portsmouth, and are currently working on a Dreamland Pool film project.

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File photo Past night work of restoration of one of the Portsmouth flood wall murals
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2016/01/web1_bg_nightpaint.jpgFile photo Past night work of restoration of one of the Portsmouth flood wall murals

By Portia Williams

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