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I love participating in community activities, tasting new wines and beers, trying unique recipes and foods, listening to interesting new sounds, and experiencing new things. It is good, not only for me and my wife, Sara, to get out and try new things, but also for the local community and economy.

I’ll be attempting to keep up with this weekly feature, in which I am going to cheaply call Pratt’s Preferences, where I suggest events to participate in, items to buy, and things to try. No ad dollars are put into this and the points I make are my preferences alone.

Students will soon be welcoming the season with an extended holiday break, and families might be looking for things to do. Something that is of little cost, only a donation, is a day spent at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center. As mentioned in the entertainment section this week, the museum is opening a new exhibition this week, highlighting local talent.

With such a talent pool on display, I can’t imagine anything better going on in town right now. The three artists on display are absolutely perfect.

Fatima Azimova’s unique artwork is something I can stare into for hours. She is absolutely one of my favorite artists, and I love every opportunity to get lost in the magic of her paintings.

Todd Reynolds is also being showcased. His work is always advanced and beautiful, and his current installation of seven paintings steals the show.

Don Blevins is a good friend of mine and I love following the lines in his abstract pieces, to attempt an understanding of the complexity of his unique eye for color.

The museum is constantly bettering itself and improving, and this show only carries local displays of art that much more further.

Also in the local art scene, after a trip to the museum, I recommend a stop at Second Street’s Haskins House. Owner and operator, Charlie Haskins, is also a local painter. Charlie has an extremely unique take on painting that he manifests with a knowledge he took with him after pursuing his master’s degree.

It is interesting to see this classically-trained painter take his own vision and bring it to life in a cartoon fashion; Charlie has a truly unique world that he shares with a few strokes of a brush. I love his work so much that I’ve hired him to paint gifts for family and friendly on several occasions, with an outcome that has always been better than expected.

There are many local businesses worth visiting. Local artists are found in abundance between the Appalachian hills. There are a lot of unique flavors found in restaurants and breweries. I hope to highlight many of these throughout these features. I am also open to recommendations from readers as well.

Reach Joseph Pratt at 740-353-3101, ext. 1932, or by Twitter @JosephPratt03.

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