SOC golf All-Stars


2015 Golf All-Stars

SOC I Player of the Year- Elias Montgomery (Western)

SOC I Coach of the Year- Jason VanDeusen (Clay)

SOC Champions- Clay

All SOC Team- Elias Montgomery (Western, 204), Wyatt Large (Clay, 223), Cole Haislop (Eastern, 232), Truman Hash (Notre Dame, 245), Luke Collins (South Webster, 247), Quentin Alley (Eastern, 247).

Order of Finish- Clay (1015), South Webster (1025), Eastern (1033), Notre Dame (1071)

SOC II Player of the Year- Mitchell McFarland (Wheelersburg)

SOC II Coach of the Year- JR Ramsey (Waverly)

SOC II Champions- Waverly

All SOC II Team- Mitchell McFarland (Wheelersburg, 141), Jordan Tieman (West, 150), Eric Heffner (Waverly, 165), Jake Henderson (Waverly, 169), Joe Henderson (Waverly, 169), Isaiah Clifford (Waverly, 171).

Order of Finish- Waverly (653), West (698), Wheelersburg (754), Northwest (767), Valley (812), Minford (821).

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