SOC volleyball All-Stars


Southern Ohio Conference

2015 Volleyball All-Stars

SOC I First Team

Lexi Smith (Notre Dame), Ragen Kayser (Notre Dame), Emma Monroe (Notre Dame), Hagen Schaefer (Notre Dame), Carson Roney (Eastern), Elyssa Staten (Eastern), Jessica Stockham (Eastern), Abby Overly (Eatern), Gabby Hickmen (Clay), Jesen Warnock (Clay), Erin Brewster (Western), Ali Hamilton (Glenwood), Sierra Ross (Symmes Valley), Kaylyn Blizzard (Green), Taelyn Smith (Sciotoville East).

SOC I Second Team

Ali Smith (Notre Dame), Clara Hash (Notre Dame), Anna Staker (Eastern), Cassidy Fremont (Eastern), Lynlee Wells (Clay), Skylar Artis (Clay), Mallorie Williams (Western), Abby Montgomery (Western), Kaylee Stone (Glenwood), Taylor Webb (Symmes Valley), Kori Derifield (Green), Sydney Dingess (Sciotoville East).

SOC I CO-Champions- Notre Dame, Eastern

SOC I Offensive Player of the Year- Carson Roney Eastern

SOC I Defensive Player of the Year- Emma Monroe

SOC I Co-Coaches of the Year- Chelsea Howard (Eastern), Kelsey Glockner(Notre Dame)

Records- Eastern (13-1), Notre Dame (13-1), Clay (10-4), Western (8-6), Glenwood (5-11), Symmes Valley (5-9), Green (2-12), East (1-14)

SOC II First Team

]Marley Hanzel (Wheelersburg), Sydney Holden (Wheelersburg), Kasey Bergan (Wheerlersburg), Ellie Ruby (Wheelersburg), Maddy Wiseman (Waverly), Maddie Bradley(Waverly), Laken Smith(Waverly), Brooklyn Sullivan (South Webster), Maddie Stamper (South Webster), Madisyn Dillow (West), Carlee Dempsey (Oak Hill), Abby Grasso (Minford), Kamryn Conaway (Velley), Alexus Lisath (Northwest).

SOC II Second Team

Makayla Akers(Wheelersburg), Samantha Vallance (Wheelersburg), Courtney Riffe (Waverly), Karyn Downing (Waverly), Colbie Hanes (South Webster), Mikaylah Belford (South Webster), Terra Butcher (West), Kayleigh Coleman (West), Kayla McNeal (Oak Hill), Zoe Doll (Minford), Taylor Sherwood (Valley), Megan Shultz (Northwest).

SOC II Champions- Wheelersburg

SOC II Offensive Player of the Year- Marley Hanzel (Wheelersburg)

SOC II Defensive Player of the Year- Madisyn Dillow (West)

SOC II Coach of the Year- Brittany Sessor (West)

Records- Wheelersburg (13-1),), Waverly (12-2), South Webster (10-4), West (9-5), Oak Hill (4-10), Minford (3-11), Valley (3-11), Northwest (2-12).

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