SOC cross country All-Stars


2015 Cross Country SOC Results


1st Team:

Jamie Welch- Waverly

Sydney McCoy- South Webster

Lyndlee Willis- Minford

Hannah Goodman- Waverly

Bailey Ward- Oak Hill

Leta Heigley- Waverly

Gabby Towler- Waverly

2nd Team:

Jenna Edwards- Notre Dame

Kiara Smith- Waverly

Kayleigh Blevins- South Webster

Abbi Osborne- Clay

Haley Shinkle- Northwest

Kayla Thornberry- Northwest

Rachel McCambridge- Waverly

Order of Finish: Waverly (19), Oak Hill (48), Minford (69)

Runner of the year: Brooke Smith- Wheelersburg

Coach of the Year: Linda McAllister- Waverly


1st Team:

Hunter Hoover- Waverly

Evan Leist- Bea. Eastern

Devon Applegate- Minford

Hunter Bennington- South Webster

Alec Parker- Waverly

Brenden Reed- Waverly

Mathew Harris- Minford

2nd Team:

Trevor Penrod- Waverly

Brody Sibole- Waverly

Alex Coyle- South Webster

Zachary Huffman- Green

Baley Derifeld- Green

Drake Myers- Bea. Eastern

Ryan Higbee- Minford

Order of Finish: Waverly (29), Minford (70), Green (86), South Webster (100), Bea. Eastern (105), Wheelersburg (121), Notre Dame (185), Northwest (191)

Runner of the Year: Hunter Hoover- Waverly

Coach of the Year: Linda McAllister- Waverly

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