Sheriff taking action on a synthetic drug


By Portia Williams

[email protected]

LEWIS COUNTY, Ky. — In an attempt to combat an increasing problem with the synthetic drug commonly called ‘flaka’ and or ‘gravel,’ Lewis County Sheriff Johnny Bivens Office will be conducting a press conference on Friday, July 16. The Sheriff plans to discuss the sudden increase in the use of bath salts (alpha-pvp) and the immediate need for legislation that will strengthen laws in regards to synthetic drugs.

According to reports, Sheriff Bivens’s office has led the charge in lobbying for tougher penalties and they are starting to receive support from many state officials.

“Our goal is to help to strengthen the laws concerning alpha-pvp. We have made many arrests as a result of using it,” Bivens said. “It is not only a big problem here in Lewis County, but it is also a problem in Ohio as well. “Our investigations have led us to those areas.

“What we are trying to do is get some awareness and education out there about the drug,” he said.

Bivens’s office is currently working with federal government agencies to track Alpha-PVP into and out of Lewis County.

The Sheriff said he will hold a news conference at 3 p.m., if the weather permits in front of the Lewis County courthouse, or possibly next door at the Justice Center.

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