Lessons in ‘Grossology’ taught at 14 St. Center

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Portia Williams | Daily Times Dr. T.J Stidham taught lessons in ‘Grossology’ at 14th Street Community on Monday

By Portia Williams

[email protected]

Children participating in The Counseling Center’s Summer Outreach Program, had an interestingly ‘gross’ experience on Monday.Dr. T.J Stidham, pediatrician at Southern Ohio Medical Center(SOMC) , hosted a series of teaching sessions on Monday are called, ‘Grossolgogy.’

“Today is ‘Grossology,’ so we are talking about all of the gross stuff,” Stidham said. “We are talking about snot, spit, flatulence, plaque, germs or appropriate hand washing.

“We have done some very useful things. We have done exercise, we had a session dealing with stranger danger, where we had a police officer to come and help us out. We impersonated a stranger being in the room, and had the children to identify him, and recognize him, and describe him,” Stidham said. “We’ve done a day on emotions and bullying, which are problem areas

“I have a passion for teaching kids about wellness, and safety, and it is my job. That is what I do all day, and I enjoy my job,” he said. “So, as an extension of that, doing it at the 14 Street Community Center is a cool thing for us. We did this last year as well, and it is really neat program, and it is free for all of these kids. It gives them something very useful to and learn about during the summer. To be able to come and be a part of that, and to contribute to that is fun, and to have the opportunity to teach them about a lot of important health care things is a blast for me, and is something that I feel very passionate about.”

Debbie Daniels, physician liaison at SOMC, said

“SOMC is really glad to have this opportunity to bring these educational opportunities here to the children at the 14 Street Center,” Daniels said. “We also have another event coming up, the ‘Fun on 14th’ program, which is something that we did last year. We will be doing that on July 27th from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. outside in front of the 14St. Community Center, and we are looking forward to it. This event will also provide a wealth of useful health related information to the community.”

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