He is still in control


Maybe today you are going through a trying time or maybe you have lost a loved one and it seems almost impossible to have a positive attitude. Well, I want you to know that you are in good company. Everyone who has ever lived has gone through hills and valleys while they have walked this earth. There have been things that have brought them low, but please remember it is not the things you go through that determine the outcome. Instead, it is the way you view yourself and the God who created you that determines your outcome!

I want you to grab ahold of this one thing; you can determine what the outcome of your trial is by how you view your life and God. Positive people have a can-do mind-set. They will persevere because of their expectations of life. Please understand that God will sometimes take you to “desert places” in order to prepare you for the greatest seasons of your life. You may not like it, none of us do, yet you cannot change it. Think about Moses’ life. It was in the desert where God transformed a prince into a shepherd so he might use him to lead the children of Israel out of slavery’s captivity and to the Promised Land. It was in the desert that God molded him into the person who could go before Pharaoh without fear and loudly proclaim, “Let my people go!”

So let me ask you, “Are you in a “desert place?” If you are our God will use the desert to fulfill a greater purpose in your life. Never forget, Moses spent the first forty years of his life thinking he was something; the next forty years believing that he was nothing; and the last forty years learning that God can make something out of nothing! So, my friends it is time for you to discover what God wants to make of your life! Let Him use the desert times to prepare you for something bigger, something that you could never dream could happen. That is how great our God is! The only question is, “Are you going to move forward or are you staying in the desert?”

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