Massie retires from CAO as Deputy Director of Social Services


SCIOTO COUNTY—Community Action Organization of Scioto County (CAO) is a local nonprofit organization that hosts over 200 employees. It has been making an impact in the community since its start almost 60 years ago. Since then, many have heard the call and joined the ranks to fight the “War on Poverty” in the Scioto County area. One of the individuals to take up that fight has been Carrie Massie who, after many years, is transitioning into retirement.

Massie is currently the Deputy Director of the Social Services Department and has been with the agency since her hire in November of 1992.

“I look back on my time here with affection and gratitude,” Massie said as she reflected on her time with CAO.

Carrie was a part of multiple departments during her tenure. She began her career in the Employment and Training Department but left the agency for several years to serve in the Peace Corps. She later rejoined the agency as a Job Specialist, spent several years as the Education Coordinator at Head Start, and beginning in 1996 served as the Director of the Dental Clinic while it was available until finishing in her current role. According to Angela Davis, Social Service Director, “Carrie has been instrumental in helping people in need. Whether it was rent, property taxes, utilities, or water heaters. She has helped many get through difficult situations and remain in their home. We appreciate her dedication and hard work toward helping others.”

“I am grateful for the jobs I held at CAO and for the relationships and community connections forged over the decades,” Massie said.

Massie looks highly at the agency and what it seeks to accomplish.

“Community Action is a good organization and the work we do is significant,” Massie claimed. “We exist as a body to help vulnerable people meet the needs of their families. What could be more important than that? We hope in the process of doing our work that we teach people how to thrive and grow.”

When asked about any advice she would pass on to the younger staff, she stated, “I certainly have learned a great deal by talking to others through the years. My advice to young people working here is that in the course of your days, continually strive to see the individuals before you—truly see them—and to be sure that they feel seen. Be curious, maintain a generous sense of humor and be willing to withstand daily humiliation. These things will keep you humble, and you will do better work because of them.”

The organization claimed that Massie will be dearly missed as one that constantly sought to look after others, whether client or staff.

“And one last bit,” Massie continued. “Do not confuse your life situation with your life. Your life is much deeper than your circumstances.”

Carrie has earned a long and peaceful retirement and will be remembered as having made a major impact in the lives of many.

Community Action Organization of Scioto County is a 501©3 non-profit serving southern Ohio, primarily Scioto County, in a wide capacity. Through dozens of programs across five major departments, Workforce Solutions and Community Development, Early Childhood, Social Services, Energy Solutions, and WIC, the agency assists community members in nearly every need someone may have. If there isn’t an in-house program to support a need, then they have a partner they can refer. The agency is “helping people, changing lives” at 433 Third Street, Portsmouth. To learn more, call 740.354.7541. or visit

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