SSU students attend Stand Down to End Homelessness Event in Portsmouth


PORTSMOUTH- Shawnee State University students participated in this year’s Stand Down event focused on ending homelessness in Scioto County. Students volunteering had an interest in social work and sociology, and wanted to participate in assisting attendees with finding services offered within the region.

“The hands-on experience offers a deeper understanding and empathy toward those facing these challenges daily, supplementing classroom knowledge with tangible insights,” said SSU Associate Director of Career Services, Austin Raines, who volunteered with the students. “The event serves as an inspiration for students, encouraging them to engage actively in community service and embody the core values of social work in their future careers.”

The Stand Down event welcomes the community to come together to learn from different agencies about the services they have that are geared to the homeless and at-risk populations in Scioto County. SSU students had the opportunity to help with the many services offered during the event, including registering community participants, distributing personal care packets, and assisting attendees in maneuvering the different stations set up in the park.

“This is a powerful reminder of why they might choose the field of social work, encouraging them to continue to work towards creating a more inclusive and compassionate society,” said Dr. Raines.

SSU offers a Social Work minor that exposes students to the profession of social work and its mission to enhance well-being and quality of life for all people. Many students graduating with Sociology and Social Science degrees continue their education to pursue a graduate-level degree in Social Work to receive their professional license.

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