Adult Day Center celebrates 25 year anniversary


PORTSMOUTH- The USSA Adult Day Center has been operating for the last 25 years and has provided local seniors with quality care and activities, while also providing respite to their loved ones.

Jamie Williams, Coordinator at the center, has been there nearly the entirety of the program and says that currently this is the only program of it’s kind in our area, “The core of what we do is allowing families to keep elderly parents or relatives at home, while working, or taking a break.”

Those who attend the center will be exposed to all kinds of activities and experiences that keep their minds and bodies active. Williams said the schedule is made in advance, but she tries to incorporate things that interest those who attend, “sometimes if a specific topic or conversation comes up we can youtube ideas for trivia or things like that. There is karaoke, occupational students who come and exercise with them, local entertainment and much more.”

Mary Bivins has been coming to daycare for the last few months and says that it has been a blessing to her, as she has faced some serious health scares, “I’ve only been coming here a few months, I’m from Alabama. I fell and broke my hip and had a brain bleed, so when I recuperated my daughter decided to bring me here so I wouldn’t be by myself during the day, but I absolutely love it.”

Bivins also loves that she has found a place where she can volunteer and make a difference, “I like that I can give back too, I can walk over and smile at someone who may be having a tough day, or help them walk around if everyone else is doing lunch or another activity. It makes me feel good. I know that this makes my family and kids feel good too, they know i’m in safe and caring environment.”

September 18th through the 24th was Senior Day Care Week and Williams said that if you, or your loved one is interested in viewing the center, that they can arrange visits, “If someone was wanting to see if their family would do well at our center we could even arrange a visit for a couple hours. We normally are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., but sometimes these visits just mean they will leave them for an hour or so to see if they like our program.”

If you would like to learn more about, or get involved with the USSA Adult Day Center, you can visit their Facebook page, or give them a call at 740-354-3661.

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