The Creator


We are changing gears briefly and leaving horror films and jumping into sci-fi! Next month being October there will be mostly reviews of the new horror movies coming out, so I wanted to take a breather and see this new release. The Creator isn’t biblical, but I did notice biblical overtones which is to be expected given the premise. Essentially, we have a war between A.I. robots and humans. We see the creation of life with the different tiers here and the question is asked numerous times, “What makes someone alive?” I’ll get more into that later but if you’ve seen any movies with robots in them, you’ll know what I mean. Full disclosure, I did not have high hopes for this film. The runtime is over two hours, and I was heading home from work and I wasn’t in the mood for a movie. I did manage to see this in IMAX, and I will say I WAS WRONG!!!! This film is incredible! Spoiler alert. This is getting 4 ½ stars.

Onto the film.

We open with a montage catching us up to life in this world. Immediately, I was drawn in as the “news” footage and story unfolds telling us about the war that has started between the human race and robots. We learn that the AI denotated a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. This led to the US banning and destroying all AI they could come into contact with, but in “New Asia” the robots are welcome. They are the police, the industry workers, even lovers. We see that the West (Namely the US) wants all eradicated so aside from our opening we are in New Asia for the majority of our story. Maybe space too…

We then meet our hero named Joshua (Washington) who seems to be helping with resistance (in New Asia) fight the human forces. We also see him with his wife Maya (Fey) who is pregnant with their first child. The chemistry between these two is effortless and I immediately was rooting for their relationship. Meanwhile in the backdrop the military is trying to find someone called “The Creator” hence the film’s title.

I truly don’t want to give much of the plot away, but I can tell you there is a time jump (5 years) and eventually Joshua (Washington) is tasked with finding the AI’s “secret weapon” and to destroy it. We learn that this weapon is actually a young “child” called Alpha-Omega or “Alphie” by Joshua.

We’ve had many films over the years with child actors. Some in leading roles, and some in supporting. They have been hit or miss. I can honestly say “Alphie” played by Madeleine Yuna

Voyles is the heart and soul of this movie and one of the brightest spots in any movie we’ve watched this year. You will immediately want her protected at all costs and the chase film became even more periling. Perfect casting and she was wonderful.

We have a race against the clock and a reluctant hero. What could go wrong?

Here’s what works:

THE CAST! I have been impressed with John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s Son) since BlacKkKlansman in 2018.. He runs with the role here and I was rooting for him from the beginning. As I mentioned earlier our other lead Madeleine Yuna Voyles makes this film. You will question what “human” is. Does it have to have a heart” Is heart the actual organ, or thoughts and feelings? If this young actress doesn’t work, then the film doesn’t work. Watch the action scenes be mesmerized by the special effects but forget about it. HOWEVER, she excels. I was beyond impressed and wanted to know more of this story and world. Our “big bad” played by Allison Janney is if you would imagine a military villain that’s actually not flat. Janney brought gravitas to this role. I knew why she was doing what she was doing AND I wanted her to fail. Ken Watanabe as Harun (an old AI friend of the group) is a welcome to any scene he is end. Lastly, the supporting cast, even a brute to fight our lead was more rounded than usual. They added a little flare here and there that will make them memorable. Of course Maya played by Gemma Chan is a big driving force and every time we see her character you can’t help but want it to work.

The special effects and the cinematography are also incredible. I think back to the director’s last film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and always felt it was shot beautiful, this is the same. Large landscapes of the New Asia show beautiful peaks and valleys. I was lucky enough to see this in IMAX and it added to the awe.

Here’s what doesn’t work:

The plot in a VERY very small way. As I was watching this tale unfold, I was realizing we have the best move of the year (so far) but one concept kept bugging me. We hear throughout the West is on the brink of losing to the rebels. That’s why this “secret weapon” needs destroyed so desperately. Here’s the thing, we saw countless battles that are incredible to witness, but it NEVER looked like the West was even close to losing. I didn’t buy the fact that it was ever a close battle. Slight complaint but you’ll get over it like I did.

This is a film you’ll talk about to your friends and family; you want to see it again. If you’re a fan of sci-fi/action movies, Blade Runner, Children of Men, The Last of Us, ET, The Last Samurai you will feel parts of those movies in this and its welcomed. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! As you’re reading this, I am hopefully watching it again. Oppenheimer has been unseated as the BEST FILM OF THE YEAR….for now. 5 stars out of 5

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