The Equalizer 3


It’s been a long time since we have been able to review a Denzel Washington movie. I was excited to say the least. I can remember seeing his films my whole life and Washington is one of my favorite actors. I was discussing with friend some of the first movies I remember seeing in theaters were with him. Does anyone remember John Q? Such a great movie! Remember the Titans, Glory, Fallen, Man of Fire. I could go on and on. He’s a great actor. That being said I haven’t reviewed the previous two entries in the Equalizer universe. Many of you will know/remember that this started out as a tv show from 1989 starring Edward Woodward. We then cut to 2014 with The Equalizer and The Equalizer II in 2018. These were pre-review days but these films were good. Not great, but good. You will stop when you’re flipping through the channels and watch it, but normally not rushed to see it. I wondered if this film would hold up to the others or be the best of the bunch>

Onto the film.

We open at a winery in Sicily and meet a crime lord named Lorenzo Vitale (Bilotta) and see as he enters the facility…EVERYONE IS DEAD! The film takes us through the winding paths with an eerie score as Vitale (Bilotta) gets deeper and deeper into the depths of the winery. Who could have done this? We know obviously its Robert McCall (Washington) but I was still unsure of what would unfold. We get to a back room and McCall (Washington) is tied up and two henchmen have him at gunpoint. We get a back and forth and McCall states that all of these men will die and Vitale will be killed as well. Spoiler alert, he’s correct. I’ve always liked in these films how McCall (Washington) describes to the enemy how they will be killed and then the film cuts to him acting out what he said he was going to do. Very cool actions pieces that have been consistent with all 3 films. As McCall (Washington) is leaving a young boy gets out of a truck, he then SHOOTS McCall! I was shocked. We then see McCall fall and planning to shoot himself!!! What is happening??? Fortunately, he is out of bullets.

We cut to a few hours later it seems and a police officer named Gio (Mastrandrea) find McCall (Washington) slumped over in a car and takes him to a doctor named Enzo (Arisio) who nursing him back to health

What a worldwide of events and emotions! This is where the film really takes off. As McCall is healing he starts to get acquainted with the town and people and boy is that town BEAUITFUL. This truly feels like the town and townspeople are one big actor in this story. I wouldn’t be shocked of the director asked the extras to just go about their days and he filmed it. It’s as authentic as I can remember if a film in some time. Well done! I also desperately want to visit.

I won’t give anymore plot away besides an enemy or enemies emerge and McCall (Washington) is reluctantly called to action. We also get a nice reunion with Dakota Fanning as Emma Collins (CIA Agent) and if you ever watched Man of Fire with the pair you’ll be happy to see them on screen together again.

I was expecting a forgettable film, but truly I was impressed and entertained more so than normal. This made me want to rush home and rewatch the previous films, and hope they add more to the series. I don’t think they will, but we can hope! If you’re a fan of Denzel, the film series, or the tv show go see this film! The location itself deserves to be seen on a big screen. Also I am anxiously awaiting the next Denzel Washington movie! 4 stars out of 5

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