Results for 4-H Still Project judging


Judging was held on July 18th and 19th at the Scioto County Fairgrounds


Class winner: Kamryn Billiter

“Sew Fun” Junior Division

6th Place: Emilee Phillips

5th Place: Neveah Stevens

4th Place: Lillyanna Tackett

3rd Place: Layla Tackett

2nd Place: Regan Montgomery

Class winner: Liv Newsom

“Sew Fun” Senior Division

2nd Place: Aleigha Spradlin

Class winner: Letha Roberts

Overall Outstanding Sew Fun award goes to Letha Roberts

Junior State Fair delegate for Sew Fun is Liv Newsom

Senior State Fair delegate for Sew Fun is Letha Roberts

“Sew for Others”

2nd Place: Aleigha Spradlin

Class winner: Adrian Hurst

“Sundresses and Jumpers”

Class winner: Regan Montgomery

“Terrific Tops”

Class winner: Brooklyn Piguet

“Designed By Me”

Class winner: Kylie Blevins

“Sewing for Middle School”

Class winner: Claire Bradford

“Clothes for High School”

Class winner: Elianna Green

“Ready, Set, Sew Active”

Class winner: Skylehn Billiter


Class winner: Kayden Bentley

Ohio 4-H Fashion Review Award winner is Claire Bradford

Rising Star award winner is Liv Newsom

Harbage award winner is Elianna Green

Master Clothing Junior Division award winner is Adrian Hurst

Most Promising clothing award winner is Letha Roberts

Overall Outstanding clothing project exhibitor award winner is Claire Bradford

State Fashion Board Nominee clothing exhibitor winner is Elianna Green

“Let’s Start Cooking”

Class winner: Adaleigh Porter

“Let’s Bake Quick Breads”

2nd Place: Aleigha Spradlin

Class winner: Kamryn Billiter

“Break Fast for Breakfast”

3rd Place: Kristan Stiles

2nd Place: Lillyanna Tackett

Class winner: Quentin Weaver

“Snack Attack”

2nd Place: Kristine Evans

Class winner: Jacob Whitt

“Cooking on my Own”

2nd Place: Bentley Wood

Class winner: Bailey Waughtel

“Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals”

Class winner: Hannah Whitt

Most Promising Young Chef award winner is Kamryn Billiter

Overall Outstanding Chef award winner is Hannah Whitt

“Cake Decorating: Beginner Level”

5th Place: Alexis Jones

4th Place: Molly Tomlin

3rd Place: Sophia Rodriguez

2nd Place: Erik Williams

Class winner: Ariahna Jones

“Cake Decorating: Intermediate Level”

3rd Place: Regan Montgomery

2nd Place: Adaleigh Porter

Class winner: Ella Craft

“My Favorite Things”

4th Place: Bentley Wood

3rd Place: Arlo Lilly

2nd Place: Linkin Crabtree

Class winner: Eerie Blankenship

“Get Started in Art”

6th Place: Kaitlyn Kruetzman

5th Place: Alyson Floyd

4th Place: Adaleigh Porter

3rd Place: Tayiah Davis

2nd Place: Lauren Chamberlain

Class winner: Abigail Winters

Overall Creative Arts projects winner award winner is Abigail Winters

“Self-Determined” Junior Division

4th Place: Gabe Reinhardt

3rd Place: Reagan Ibarra

2nd Place: Kaylynn Floyd

Class winner: Blair Ibarra

Overall Self-Determined Junior Division project award winner is Blair Ibarra

“Self-Determined” Senior Division

5th Place: Aleigha Spradlin

4th Place: Alyson Floyd

3rd Place: Alyson Floyd

2nd Place: Mary Beth Sherman

Class winner: Addison Mullins

Overall Self-Determined Senior Division project award winner is Addison Mullins

“Ohio Birds”

Class winner: Alyvia Sites

“Insect Adventures”

Class winner: Alayna Sites


2nd Place: Taylon Carver

Class winner: EmaJae Fenton

“Basic Archery”

2nd Place: Gage Knittle

Class winner: Gunnar Otworth


4th Place: Charlie Murphy

3rd Place: Kallie Dwyer

2nd Place: Quentin Weaver

Class winner: Rayden Rodriguez

Overall Natural World project award winner is Alayna Sites

“Edible Landscapes”

Class winner: Alyvia Sites

“Vegetable Gardening”

Class winner: Erik Williams

“How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Class winner: Zoe Leist

“Canning and Freezing”

Class winner: Thomas Simpson

Overall Gardening and Plant Science project award winner is Zoe Leist

“Robotics Essentials”

2nd Place: Ethan Mullins

Class winner: Tristan Throckmorton

“Arcs and Sparks”

Class winner: Hannah Deaver

“Rockets Away”

Class winner: Eerie Blankenship

“Vet Science”

2nd Place: Tayiah Davis

Class winner: Addison Mullins

Overall STEM project award winner is Hannah Deaver

“Measuring Up-Woodworking”

4th Place: Acesus Ruggles

3rd Place: Ezekiel Davis

2nd Place: Linkin Crabtree

Class winner: Ben Sexton

“Nailing It Together-Woodworking”

Class winner: Ethan Mullins

“Woodworking Master”

Class winner: Hannah Deaver

Woodworking project award winner is Hannah Deaver

“Explore the Outdoors”

2nd Place: Kameron Shelley

Class winner: Aleigha Spradlin


Class winner: Jonathan Evans

Exploring the Outdoors projects award winner is Aleigha Spradlin

“Photography Basics: Book I”

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Kruetzman

Class winner: Laci Hughes

Overall Photography project award winner is Laci Hughes

“The Laundry Project”

Class winner: Bailey Waughtel

Overall Home Living project award winner is Bailey Waughtel

“The Writer in You”

Class winner: Alexis Blair


3rd Place: Reagan Floyd

2nd Place: Ambrea Sowards

Class winner: Emily Scaff

Overall Scrapbooking/Writing project award winner is Emily Scaff

“Mentoring: Leadership in Action”

Class winner: Tristan Wood

“Club Leadership”

Class winner: Tristan Wood

“Pantry Panic”

Class winner: Bailey Waughtel

“Finding Your Voice”

Class winner: Ian Sarver

Overall Leadership project award winner is Tristin Wood

“You’re Hired”

Class winner: Emily Scaff

“Careers in Agriculture”

Class winner: Alayna Sites

Overall Workforce Preparation project award winner is Emily Scaff

“Superhero You”

Class winner: Bentley Wood

“You’re the Athlete”

Class winner: Bailey Waughtel

“Your Feelings Matter”

Class winner: Mayli Triggs

“First Aid in Action”

2nd Place: Lacie Hughes

Class winner: Hope Lore

Overall Healthy Living project award winner is Bentley Wood

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