Tips for parents and kids to stay organized this back-to-school seasonP


The start of a new school year carries with it so much potential, particularly when students — and their parents — stay organized. Amid the back-to-school chaos, use these tips and gear recommendations to help keep everyone on track, whether they are at school, at home or on-the-go:

Notes and Big Ideas

Color-coded notebooks and binders, along with labeled dividers, can help you keep your coursework straight and your note-taking organized. Take your color-coding a step further by extending the concept to the tools you write with. Pilot Pen’s G2 gel pen is a go-to for busy students and parents with its smooth, long-lasting gel ink that’s able to keep up with busy schedules. Science has shown that writing a to-do list with an appealing color can lead to greater productivity. Inspired by color trends and color psychology, the G2 Harmony Collection colors were developed to promote balance, relaxation and hope, helping students get more done, stay positive and achieve their highest potential this school year. G2 is available in four point sizes and over 35 colors, so it’s ideal for note-taking, writing down big ideas, goal-setting and more.

Planning and Scheduling

With the back-to-school season comes a flurry of planning and scheduling — from after-school activities to field trips. Parents and kids alike can stay on top of all the last-minute changes with a desk calendar and an erasable pen. Pilot’s FriXion line of erasable pens and markers write smooth and erase clean, so you can edit plans as often as they change. It’s much easier to remember tasks and events when you’ve recorded the details in a central location, so start a habit of entering all activities into your calendar as soon as they’re planned. The smooth gel ink and precise point of the FriXion Synergy Clicker is great for detailed planning, while FriXion Fineliner brings colorful, mistake-free writing to notes and calendars.

Lockers, Backpacks and Desks

Use organizational tools anywhere school supplies are stored, such as lockers, backpacks and home study areas. Simple shelving and magnetic door organizers can maximize storage potential in any locker, whereas a backpack with multiple pockets allows you to arrange items by subject. Periodically empty your backpack completely; you may be surprised by the loose papers you find at the bottom. Use the opportunity to re-order items as-needed and to wipe down the bag’s interior. Parents and kids should keep clutter to a minimum in home workspaces with filing systems and supply trays. This will help prevent important papers and other items from going missing and improve productivity.

Down to the Details

If you’re smudge-prone, use quick-dry ink for effortlessly clean lines. When it’s time to study, this will make reading your notes a lot easier. Pilot’s Precise Rolling Ball, available in capped and retractable styles, features a precision tip — great for organized notes and homework.

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Staying organized is easier said than done for families and students. However, relying on tools meant for the task at hand, whether that’s note-taking or event scheduling, can make it much simpler.

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