How are you doing? Does it seem as if trouble and tribulation is on every side closing in on you? That is okay, because it has happened to all of us. No one is exempt from those times of trials. In fact, it is called life on planet earth! But when it happens God doesn’t want us to throw our hands in the air and surrender. Instead, He wants to restore us and to give us victory over the things we are facing!

Like I said it happens to everyone. Think of the disciples after Jesus’ crucifixion. What were they doing? Were they preaching and standing on the street corners of Jerusalem proclaiming truth? No, they were hiding fearing for their own lives and yet God had not left them. The plan was still in place and victory was on the horizon. Yes, I know they couldn’t see victory much like the times you and I can’t see it either. Never forget that Jesus can wash away your defeat, restore you, and refit you for greater service! Brothers and sisters, it is all about trust! Do you trust the God that CAN or do you fret and worry about things that you HAVE NO POWER OVER? Right now, I think that a scripture can take us on a journey that will lead us to the victory that our God has promised. Never ever forget Zechariah 4:6 because it will help you focus on the true priorities of life in the Lord. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.

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