Hammond heading to Columbia


With an acceptance rate at around 4-5% of those who apply, Columbia University is considered to be one of the more selective Ivy League institutions.

However, even amongst the intense competition and high standards, one Senior at Minford High School rose to the occasion and earned himself a spot for the upcoming Fall semester.

Blake Hammond, got to celebrate his scholastic accomplishments last week with family and high school staff at his academic signing Thursday. Hammond posed for photos and spoke with the teachers who helped make this dream a reality.

Jeff Pica, Principal of Minford High School, said that proud doesn’t even begin to cover it, “To say that we are proud of Blake is an understatement. I’ve known Blake since he was five years old and to see the young man and scholar that he has turned into is gratifying. This is an honor not just for Blake, but for Minford High School.”

Hammond said that he is still figuring out his exact career path, but he does want to pursue research, “Columbia is one of the top universities that specialize in research and also it is located in New York City, which I consider to be one of the greatest cities in the U.S.”

While Hammond seemed to be quite modest about the acceptance, it is known by school officials how rare it actually is to have a student accepted into this institution.

“Sending a student to an Ivy League is a pretty rare feat, it is the equivalent of sending a D1 athlete to Ohio State or Alabama, it just doesn’t happen very often, Pica said “I look forward to seeing the great things that Blake is going to do, he’s a great young man and student.”

Hammond said that while he put in the time and effort to make this dream a reality, his teachers taught him some important lessons that have prepared him for future success, “You can’t do everything in life alone. There are so many people that can help you and support you throughout your journey.”

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