Commissioners speak out on House vacancy


PORTSMOUTH- It’s time for Ohio’s 90th House district seat to be filled, according to the Scioto County Commissioners.

The seat has been vacant for three months, ever since former representative Brian Baldridge was appointed to lead the Ohio Department of Agricuture. This means legislation has been passed with no input from the people of the 90th district of the Ohio House of Representatives, including Scioto, Adams, and Lawrence counties.

“It’s time to take action,” said Commissioner Scottie Powell, who said the transportation budget has gone through the Ohio House without input from the 90th. “Put the names up and let the caucus vote.

“We need representation, whoever it is. Put them up. Let them vote. If our citizens don’t appreciate who the House picks, we have a primary next year anyway.”

Commissioner Bryan Davis agrees that nearly 100,000 voters in southern Ohio are being disenfranchised. And with big budget bills happening, the lack of representation could affect programs and infrastructure projects right here in Scioto County and throughout southern Ohio.

“We have reached out to the Speaker multiple times, we get no reply,” Davis said. “It’s very difficult to be able to do anything when you don’t have a representative.

“Let’s get them in, lets’ vote on them.”

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