Connex launches full moon floats with Cinco de Mayo


Portsmouth’s Connex group is ready to show people just how they row and exactly what floats their boats as they prepare for their first kayak launch of the season, the Cinco de Mayo Full Moon Float

This is the first in a series of floats all centered around weekends near full-moons.

“We try to have them on or around the full moon dates,” Connex organizer Dawn Scott said. “It can be hard for some of us to get out on a weekday, though, so we will often shoot for a Friday or Saturday. We just gather around 7 p.m. and we require lights and lifejackets. We just paddle out and float. Some of us do it together in large groups and just visit, bird watch, critter watch, give wild flower alerts, whatever we can do to enjoy the outdoors. I think it gives people a better appreciation for nature and it is an incredible de-stressor; sitting in the outdoors is always good.”

The Cinco de Mayo Full Moon Float is also only the second thematic float they’ve had, according to Scott.

“We haven’t had many themed paddles, but this is our first Cinco de Mayo paddle, so we are definitely going with a Cinco de Mayo theme with sombreros, ponchos, and more,” Scott said. “I even have chili pepper lights for my kayak. No cerveza on the water, though!”

Scott explained that you don’t have to be a member of Connex to join in activities, but she encourages people to join, because it allows the group to continue working on community service events and projects.

“We love it when people join our family, because it allows us to continue our mission,” Scott said.

The Cinco de Mayo Full Moon Float is only one of dozens of events offered throughout the year by the organization to get people active in the community through bicycling, paddling, walking, hiking, and more. In the coming months, they have many events scheduled, weekly Tour de Portsmouth rides to Safety Day for kids, and even a monstrous Wild Ride event in Shawnee State Park. Follow them on Facebook for more information on their events.

“I love to hike, bike, and kayak,” Scott said. “There is such a benefit of doing that with others who are like-minded, and I think Connex is just good for the soul.”

If you do not own a kayak, then you can rent one from the campgrounds and join them, according to Scott. Additionally, if funding is a concern, some members of Connex have extra kayaks that may be available if people request them ahead of time.

The Connex attendees will meet on Friday, May 5 at 7 p.m. at the Turkey Creek ramp that is close to the Nature Center off 125.

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