Dave Beam, Chamber to begin 2023 sessions


The Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce is ready to kick a tradition back into gear with the new year, as they welcome Dave Beam for his regularly scheduled lectures.

The lectures are known as the Beam Power Sessions, which is a one hour, virtual learning experience to enhance your personal and business life.

“The sessions are very thought-provoking and challenge participants to evaluate where they’re at and Dave Beam stresses the importance of taking responsibility for our thoughts and use them to grow,” Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lisa Carver said. “I’m excited about the topics that are being covered. Dave is a master at making sure everyone walks away with something from every session.”

This is a long-standing partnership that has helped hundreds of people over the years, according to Carver.

“We’ve had our partnership with Dave Beam for a number of years. We were introduced to the concept by our late board member Chip Horr,” Carver explained. “We began in person meetings and transitioned to virtual during the pandemic.”

Carver said that the group enjoyed the added benefits of the experience being virtual.

“We speculated about going back in person, but the virtual platform has worked out very well,” Carver said. “We coordinate with the Ashland, Grayson and Maysville Chambers in Kentucky to include their members as well.”

This is one of the programs the Chamber offers annually for the general public, not just members.

The next Power Session will be on “Choosing What is Best.”

“Come learn the distinction between owner vs victim thinking, and how embracing this distinction will set you free to truly enjoy life,” the event description reads.

The session will be held Wednesday, January 25, between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.

You can register for the webinar at mentordavebeam.com/events, as well as future engagements. They will be held the final Wednesday of each month. Beam also has a weekly newsletter and a YouTube with over 30 hours of past BBS power sessions.

Some of the topics being covered in 2023 include The Joy of Unhindered Service, Creating Great Agreements, Turning Your Dreams Into Reality, The Power of Committing, Celebrating Progress, and more.

According to the Lexington native’s website, “Dave Beam has been helping businesses for over 30 years. In his early career, he was a chemist and environmental consultant. Over 20 years ago, he was trained as a business coach and operated a successful business coaching franchise. He presently owns and operates Beam Business Services as a business mentor, coach, trainer, and speaker. Dave has helped transform hundreds of organizations throughout the Tri-State.”

The speaker is also passionate about southern Ohio and other Appalachian communities.

“Because Dave grew up and has worked in southern Ohio, he understands the socio-economic challenges associated with the Appalachian area. He knows that even though there are huge challenges, this is a great place to live and raise a family. He is passionate about helping the KY-OH-WV Tri-State become even more beautiful, prosperous and optimistic,” the website continues. “Mentor, trainer, speaker and coach Dave Beam wants people to realize that when they come together, they can transform any organization into a world-class showcase of excellence, one relationship at a time.”

For more information on the events, or Chamber benefits, contact Lisa Carver at 740.353.7647.

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