Federal judges speak at local law luncheon


The Scioto County Bar Association held their November luncheon Tuesday and shared a Thanksgiving style meal with some distinguished guests.

United States District Judge, Mathew McFarland and Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, Jeffrey Sutton.

Also, in attendance were 3 Judges of the 4th District Court of Appeals, Jason Smith, Mike Hess, and Kristy Wilkin.

McFarland, who originally grew up in Wheelersburg and serves the southern district of Ohio, says that being able to attend an event like this was a rare opportunity nowadays, but when they get the chance to come and speak with many of these attorneys from around the region, it opens the doors for communication.

“I mean, I grew up here and anytime I can come back here and get the opportunity to bring back guests like Chief Judge, Sutton I try and do that,” said McFarland “We’re all interconnected, and I want them to know that we are here for them.”

Sutton talked about how he was excited to get back out and visit places like Portsmouth again. “My court covers Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and in those states, there are a lot of important towns to visit. I’m just so grateful Judge McFarland invited me here to talk about what we do.”

Sutton also agreed with McFarland about the opportunity being slim, but there is a lot of value in what they can do outside their offices.

“I mean civics outreach is a good idea. I think that the Ohio Supreme Court will go around hearing cases in different parts of the state and I feel like the federal judges should do the same thing.”

Sutton, during his speech to the association talked about how his court decides cases, how federal and state constitutions work, as opposed to how people sometimes claim they work and lastly about a book he has written on the subject.

These groups offer a lot of insight on how the public can be more informed about the law and justice system. The association meets every month and already has a lot of big ideas for the year ahead.

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