Cabin Critters seeking donations


Cabin Critters Animal Rescue is prepping for the season and has put out a request for supplies as it gets colder and they see an increase of need for animals in their care.

The group’s mission is to rescue animals from situations that are abusive, endangering, or neglectful; to assist pet owners wishing to keep their dogs; finding new homes for dogs through the owner surrender program as an alternative to shelter or animal control; finding pets their forever homes; and proper pet care education.

The group currently has 55 dogs in their care, which is a lower occupancy than they’ve had in a while, but they expect nine puppies in four weeks.

“55 is pretty low. We’ve as many as 87 at one time and we have 31 kennels. We expect these numbers to rise as winter gets here, though. It is a lot and it can be a challenge, but we wouldn’t change a thing,” Michelle Pace, of Cabin Critters explained. “We want to see these animals in forever homes, and, if they weren’t with us, where else would they be?”

Their current needs include Purina dog and puppy food, dog beds, plastic kennels for transportation, wire kennels, laundry detergent, puppy pads, bleach, towels and small blankets.

“Of course we do all of this for the love of them all. There is a huge need in our area for stray pet care,” Pace said. “Most of us involved take a lot of money out of our own pockets to care for these babies. We appreciate any support we can get from the things we’ve asked for.”

While the list of supplies are immediate needs, the group also calls for monetary donations that accomplish many operational needs.

For instance, the group says that monetary donations help when certain donated supplies run low, when a big upkeep expense is needed, or when they need to expand services to reflect animal needs.

“We really need a transport vehicle, but, getting that given to us is definitely a hard expectation.” Pace said. “We will likely fundraise and take donations for it, like we did for our new roof.”

Donations to the animal rescue can be delivered or mailed to 1088 Mead McNeer Rd, Wheelersburg, Ohio 45694.

“We appreciate any and all support we get from our community in caring for these animals that have fallen through the cracks. It all helps.”

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